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Panty-social post

Being a pubgoing,loose and forward woman its of course my duty to inform the 3 people left on the planet who are not aware of the Pink Chaddi movement.

This would of course put a damper my thrifty plans of a free marriage. But I can do this much for the upholders of the great Indian tradition (of beating up women of course)
I guess silliness is the only remedy for silliness.
So here’s a toast to jeans, noodle straps, masculine..err loose  morals and being forward!
PS: Ram Sena has promised sarees in return to chaddi donators. That is quite a bargain I say!
PS 2:This is fast becoming a farce. We now have the Pink Condom Campaign for restoring the image of Hindus.
 Think the irreverence and satire is lost on people who have taken the campaign a little to literally.
 Also the media attention is providing the very limelight the goons wanted by beating up women in an upmarket  pub. I have almost converted to the view that instead of disregard their diktat perhaps we should do exactly what they ask-empty the pubs, At the same time egg Ramadoss to ban all local bars as well.The alcohol lobbies should take care of the rest. Secondly total media blackout. If violence occurs, show those incidents on TV(without 24 hours loop) but dont showcase statements, interviews, discussion by netas of these groups. Just a thought.
Also was thinking how its easier for me to forgive a misguided zealot who actually believes he is waging Gods war than people who take the crutch of culture/tradition to gain limelight. Not just the Sena look at Mr and Mrs Dutt who after snorting cocaine through their brains, aiding anti-national activities and showing their underwear to the world in item numbers respectively think they have a right to speak and be moral leaders on Indian tradition.
Sometimes seriously Jai Ho!


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Pub Bharo says Renuka and Shaadi karo says Mutalik

According to TOI

On Wednesday afternoon, Rashtriya Hindu Sena chief Pramod Mutalik went into a huddle with his band of supporters and declared war on what he called “anti-Indian” practices. The Sene asked the government, heads of educational institutions and the police to discourage this “Christian practice of celebrating Valentine’s Day’’.

* Sene to submit memorandum to government to ban celebrations
* Write letters to colleges, hotels and greeting card shop owners not to promote V-Day on their premises
* Ask colleges to take strict action against students who celebrate
* In Bangalore, to protest before restaurants in prime areas promoting V-Day

* Tie-or-die is still the Sri Rama Sene’s slogan — firming up plans to marry off dating couples, they said it will have to be either the knot or the rakhi
* Sene has formed five teams comprising a number of members
* They will roam around Bangalore, holding a video camera and a turmeric stub
* On spotting young couples dating, they will be forced to tie the knot, not on the spot, but in a temple
* The couples would be taken to a sub-registrar’s office to solemnize the marriage
* In case they are brothers and sisters, they will be forced to tie a rakhi
* However, the Sene is silent on married couples. “In that case we cannot do anything,” Muthalik said

Muthalik’s response to Renuka Chowdhury’s comments on his bachelorhood and ignorance of love: “Being a bachelor does not mean that I do not know anything about love. I am born in a cultured family. I love my parents, sisters and brothers. I welcome her to Bangalore on February 14, as she intends to come here.”
However, he did not comment on whether he would accept a rose given by Renuka with sisterly affection, if she were to.

Girls are free to wear anything they like. I have never commented about the dress code.

Thank God for Rashtriya Hindu Sena!

No more unneccessary kharcha on V-Day presents. In fact no more outrageously priced western wear, I mean why take the risk?From now on Khadi sarees for yours truly. But wouldnt a saree be easier to tear off by a violent mob?Not to mention more difficult to flee in? But I guess being true sons of soil and highest in upholding the Indian traditions they would be in white starched dhotis and hence be restricted in speed.

I like the “Tie or Die” bit too much. Would it be too Machiavilian to lure the underaged,unwilling to settle down now BF and stun the only our-religion-our-caste-our-subcaste parents by jhat magni phat byah?

I think am beginning to like this Sena..

PS: Its one thing to protest and quite another to fight off a frenzied mob. So please do take care.

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