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Wont Forget.Wont Forgive.


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Lest we forget

Rohit linked up to this report by an USA based NGO Rand. Here is a summary of implications for India. You can read the full report here.

India will continue to face a serious jihadi terrorist threat from Pakistan-based terrorist groups for the foreseeable future. However, India lacks military options that have strategic-level effects without a significant risk of a military response by Pakistan. Neither Indian nor U.S. policy is likely to be able to reduce that threat significantly in the short to medium term. Most likely,the threat will continue to grow. Other extremists in India inevitably will find inspiration and instruction from the Mumbai attack.
Intelligence failure, inadequate counterterrorist training and equipment of local police,delays in the response of NSG commandos, flawed hostage-rescue plans, and poor strategic communications and information management all contributed to a less-than-optimal response.These gaps suggest the need for improved counterterrorist coordination between national-level and local security agencies and for strengthened counterterrorist capabilities on the part of first responders. Unless India can improve the quality and functioning of its entire internal security apparatus, it will remain acutely vulnerable to further terrorist penetration and attacks.

The aim of Let has been revised from freedom for Kshmir to breaking up India and increasing communal tension so that they can find a larger number of recruits for their global operation.
My only question why do they need to waste their time and energy brainwashing, training and arming youth when we are self sufficient in destruction. We have already successfully divided ourselves on lines of faith, caste, sub caste and even food habits.
We cant stand women drinking alcohol and mixing with men of other faith. We think the best way to counter terrorism is to change names of sweet shops and stop selling “the reluctant fundamentalist”. We really don’t need their help-we believe in self help and swadeshi.


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A geo-political analysis of Mumbai attacks

I have become an information junkie. Everyday I swallow tons of information especially regarding recent attacks. Its not difficult considering it is everywhere.Lunch time conversation, taxi ride conversations all revolve around our lack of political will, the ill-equipped security forces, and Pakistan.

Most people I know want a final confrontation with our neighbour next door. I dont. Its a country where democracy is just a facade and the real power lies with the military. A military which has freely mixed and encouraged the jehadi movement as tactile method to keep the more powerful adversary engaged in its own backyard.

But we have seen repeatedly in the past how easy it is for a mercenary to bite the hand it feeds. US learnt it in Afghanistan when Taliban used the very weapons/funds US provided during Soviet era against it. Benazir Bhutto who turned a blind eye as terrorism festered in POK fell to a bullet by the same lot. Rajiv Gandhi and the LTTE also went down the same path. And hence to think that Pakistan military can always control these hardliners is to finally prove Eisenberg’s principle wrong.

Finally Zardari has assured India that in face of concrete evidence the terror mongers will be tried in Pakistan like a Pakistani citizen. Zardari would know all about the strong legal systems in Pakistan considering he himself was tried, convicted and is now the PM. India meanwhile is still busy arranging defence lawyer for Qasab and letting him eat 3 square meals on tax payers money.

However considering you can do much better than read my pseudo-analysis, I am reproducing bits from a link SG had as his status message. You can read the complete article here. It is quite good in summarizing India’s compulsions, US ‘ interests in the region and Pakistan’s posturing.

Now, step back and consider the situation the Mumbai attackers have created. First, the Indian government faces an internal political crisis driving it toward a confrontation it didn’t plan on. Second, the minimum Pakistani response to a renewed Indo-Pakistani crisis will be withdrawing forces from western Pakistan, thereby strengthening the Taliban and securing al Qaeda. Third, sufficient pressure on Pakistan’s civilian government could cause it to collapse, opening the door to a military-Islamist government — or it could see Pakistan collapse into chaos, giving Islamists security in various regions and an opportunity to reshape Pakistan. Finally, the United States’ situation in Afghanistan has now become enormously more complex.

The welfare of the subcontinent ironically depends on welfare of Pakistan.


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Mourn Today. Forget Tomorrow.

This post is prone to rambling, rant and other similar emotions.

I have come to office today after 2 days off to learn some month-end activities. They haven’t started so I checked the net for news on Mumbai attacks like I have obsessively done for some 50 hours past. And I am angry.

The terrorists.

Posed as students. Came easily through Indian waters. Walked into CST. Gunned down civilians and moved on to Cama Hospital.

They are 21 years old. And according to Mumbai Mirror had no inkling that they are going to die.

What the fuck can corrupt a 21 year old educated youth’s mind so much that he is willing to kill a running mother and her baby? I know my generation and its desire for material success. Can really the the yarn of after-life-paradise-virgins-pouring-wine take out the charm of owning an apartment at Colaba and dining at the Zodiac Grill?

I have believed I am possessed with enough ability to put myself in anothers shoe. But I do not possess such searing empathy that I understand why he would stagger and strut after killing innocents and beg to be put on saline when he fears his own life.

How it isn’t the same this time-no more the spirit of Mumbai.

Why is it not the same?

Because the mass media has now realized what the terrorists have realized simultaneously? That blasting locals and crowded Gaffar Markets will kill a common man. Unaccounted for except the wife and children left behind, but people inside overpriced suites in Taj and Oberoi count for just that little bit more?

The IIT-ian at Leopold. He was to get married in a week.Imagine a life, how he must have studied for the JEE, how happy he must have felt on getting through, 4 years there, His courtship with a classmate, how he would have felt on proposing, when the girl accepted, his preparation for marriage, the friends who would have badgered out a bachelors party. 27 years of happiness and sadness. Meaning so much to so many. Did the person opening fire think of those 27 years? No. He didn’t. his target was to notch up as high a number as possible.

This time HNIs have been targeted. The poshest of the posh. It wont be ignored like the locals blown to bits in Jaipur. South Bombay is not Matunga.

I can only hope this will result in something and not rhetoric of bouncing back.


I wish the whole lot of them were inside the Taj. And I wouldn’t want a single commando to risk his life for them. They are the last people worth providing Z plus security. They should fear for their lives like I do when I step out of my home.

From terrorists. From gundas they fester.

I cant bear the thought of allegations-counter allegations and mud slinging that will follow.

The media

I have mixed emotions about them. On one hand they did give minute by minute update. The reporters stationed for the 52 hours-weary but still carrying on.

But interspersing news with exclusive pictures on TimesNow and exclusive this and exclusive that, kind of irritated.

On top of that cricket tour cancelled. Err okay so? More relevant would be the diluge in TN by Cyclone Nisha-which most people must have not been even aware of.

Then the foreign media. Personally I flipped through CNN on the first day and their “US citizen have been targeted” really got my goat to not return. I read in the blogworld how they have gone on to criticize Indian security agencies handling the operation – Who knows which bullet killed the rabbi-the terrorists or the forces? And also India’s “knee-jerk” reaction in blaming Pakistan. This from the country which has mounted now-failing attacks on Iraq-Afghanistan after 9/11 in a completely thought out fashion for terrorists living in close-ally-against-war-on-terror Pakistan. With friends like these the US shouldn’t worry about enemies.

And frankly Indian bloggers you shouldn’t give CNN a damn.

The forces

You succeed not because of the system but despite the system.And thank God for that!

Lathis vs AK-47s and MP-6(which I thought were successors to MP3s). not an even battle but still you took the battle to them.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds. The well dressed layered tee guy next to me could take out a weapon from the bag he has slung over his shoulder and kill me without any remorse.The trainee sitting next to me could be doing recco for a future attack. You cant trust anyone. You are not safe anywhere.

Will it stop you?

As I said before it probably wont. People joked in the cafeteria about running away from CST on hearing the sounds of gunshots may finally have lead to losing couple of pounds.

Yes we will return to normal. Not because of any great possession of spirit because is there any other option?

You will mourn today and forget tomorrow. Elect the same people or make movie plans on election day. Go through life like everyday because you are alive and we HAVE got to move on, isnt it?

Till the next time of course.


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Yet another terror attack


9pm:Guest House

10pm: Dad:Shootout at Colaba kuch inter-gang rivalry


10.30pm: “Dance pe chance maar le”

10.35pm:Aaj Tak. CNN-IBN. Star News.

1.30am:Aaj Tak.CNN-IBN. Star News.

I dont know what to feel or think. To know where its happening. Areas I cross almost everyday. To think of the Taj which I had seen atop the ferry on Saturday and sighed at the beauty. Thinking it was any day a better sight than Gateway of India. Watching it burn.

To think of the people in the waiting room at CST which turned into a morgue.
Taj where the board of the Co were put up and finally have come out at 5am according to fellow MTs.

The hijacked police van which fired on civilians.

Watching Hemant Karkare getting briefed and wearing a helmet yesterday night. Thinking that he seems like a big shot who would probably never get a hair out of place. Waking upto the news of his death.

This is fucked up beyond measure. Its too close for comfort. Almost personal.Feeling emotional as if sadness has torn the indifference one develops to these attacks.

Mumbai has stopped for a day. My city has stopped to hold its breath.

Tomorrow maybe it will be business as usual.

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