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When Baby Ads hit home

One of the first things a new mommy has to learn is the poo face!
This one goes real quiet, red in face and super serious.


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Things I miss when I lug my huge belly and 90kg self around :
1. Seeing my feet
2. Sleeping on my back. Actually sleeping through the night.
3. A bladder that could hold pee when required.
4. A face that wasn’t partially discolored.
5. Size 10 clothes.
6. Running
7. Lifting. Often better than the men at the gym.
8. Move faster than a tortoise
9. Getting up without sound effects.
10. Getting beauty treatments to look less like a hairy man.
11. Boobs that pointed ahead.
12. Looking and feeling attractive.
13. Not wanting to strangle my husband every alternate second.

What I will miss in a month or so :
1. Being with my baby 24-7 and Carrying my baby everywhere.
2. Feeling my baby move and wriggle around.
3. The galloping little heart on Doppler.

It was a decent trade off I believe.

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Baby got belly

You know am pretty sure ( after 4 ultrasounds and many, many Obgyn visits) that there is only one there. And no I have some time left to pop.

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Glowing Motherhood

Yes! Not big. Not tired. Not “are you okay?”

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When another human moves in..

The first 4 weeks after seeing the 2 lines on multiple tests were spent mostly in disbelief. My stomach was flat and there were no outward signs that anything was growing inside me. Of course there would be no signs if something the size of a pinhead was growing inside you. 

 It was hard to suppress the secret from people around you. It was like a mega itch you couldn’t scratch. 

But my disbelief was slowly being replaced by cliche outward symptoms.
I was developing sniffer dog senses. 

I could smell food cooking a thousand miles away and it would make my stomach turn.

I was smelling the alcohol in my Nina Ricci and my Clinique. 

And sometimes it would be nothing at all. I would be sitting minding my own business and my stomach would simply decide it was time to send eveything up. 

The throne room was becoming my favorites place to hang out and projectile vomiting my super strength. 

And my lower digestive system wasn’t about to let my mouth win this match to empty my stomach.
I was blessed with a pretty large bladder for a girl and some superhuman ability to hold it in. Now I was alternating between peeing and puking.
And the gas. It was like being pumped with ammonia. You can’t let it rip in a meeting room, can you? It has led to some interesting situations. 

Of course none of this was me. It was all the baby. Yup, the pin sized tyke was making it’s presence felt. 

Between the puking, the peeing and launching stink bombs I was exhausted.
All I wanted to do was to go on a sleep marathon.
The husband would want to go out on weekends. I would wake up, puke a couple of times and then want to sleep the day away. 

I was pretty much confined to our house the first trimester. I think it was the closest I came to nirvana. I was stripped of every desire – I didn’t want to eat, I didn’t want to shop, I didn’t want to go anywhere. Every materialistic, self gratifying desire was stripped away from me. On days it was difficult to even feel human. 

On our 3rd anniversary was spent with my husband parking the car by the curbside and holding my hair back as I proceeded to empty our Chinese dinner. 

I was waiting for the shiny, glowy, beautiful pregnancy to start. Right now this new tenant who moved in was kicking the house owner’s behind!

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The Beginning

Let’s start at the beginning. It was early September 2014 and I was peeing onto a stick. My clockwork regular Aunt Flo was 2 days delayed. When you have been trying to conceive for 6 odd months with no result you trust yourself to fail more than succeed.

I was having severe vertigo for 10 odd days and my body was pumped full of stemetil.

Slowly 2 lines appeared on the stick. The second so faint it could have easily been an evaporation line.

I am an engineer. I needed conclusive proof.

I had told my husband on the phone the previous day if he could get one of those pregnancy test kits. So he had. Got me exactly one pregnancy test kit. So I waited another 24 hours. And sent the husband with clear instructions to get multiple tests from different manufacturers please.

2 days of consecutive testing later I had a collection big fat positives.

There is something unbelievable about being pregnant. It’s difficult to wrap your head around the fact that you have a new human being growing inside of you. At the same time you want to scream it from the rooftops (and you can’t because you know you have to wait for a 12 week viability period)

We only told our moms. Because they had to know. And we wanted to share this joy, this secret with someone.

My mom called it my greatest achievement.

Nice. 30 years of existence validated by a fertilized egg.

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