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Bollywood by an insider

**Spoilers for Luck By Chance**

Before I begin my pseudo analysis, I accept that people who don’t luurve Bollywood may find the movie a tad bit slow. And yes if you went looking for truly dramatically radical cinema, my condolences. Now that we are done with the flaws let me begin with the list with what I loved about the movie. I will try my best not to let my absolutely blinding lust for Farhan Akhtar from influencing what I write.


1. The opening credits bought a lump to my throat. Consisting of images of the people who are also a part of the Indian film industry-the darji who stitches the flowing dresses for the actors, the watchman at the studio gates, the nameless extras, the sound technician, the painter who makes posters for the films, the person manning the reel at the theatre to the person at the ticket counter of the cinema hall-they all contribute to make the film complete. They are the closest to the heady cocktail of wealth and fame and yet so far away. Maybe they have dreams of their own.
2. The conversations between Vikram (Farhan) and his friends. Normal people talk like that. Even the fight between the childhood friends competing in the same industry.
3. Zafar Khan’s(Hrithik) statement-I am not Zafar Khan, I work for Zafar Khan ( Hehe..where have we heard that before. 3 letters?S.R.K?)
4. Zafar making faces at the street children. For a moment he is just one of them, not a big star, and yet the glass acts as a barrier between him and the children and he never lowers it.
5. The look on Zafar’s face as he sizes up Vikram at the party after Karan Johar reminds him that the two greatest superstars in the industry got their breaks in roles the stars of their time had refused. Is it regret? Fear at having created competition for himself?
6. The condescending look on SRK’s face as he advises Vikram as someone whose been there and done that.
7. Small scenes between Vikram and Sona. Them falling asleep on a dilapidated sofa on the terrace.When she firsts asks about Nikki and Vikram makes fun of her. When she arrives unexpected and he asks her where she planned to stay. Subtle and lovely.
8. Dimple as the diva. Rishi Kapoor as the old school producer and Juhi as Minty. Old wine never gets out of style!
9. Now, the biggest. Here is a story of a man who blatantly lies and manipulates people and ends up successful because of his ways. Much like what happens in real life. Where the movie succeeds is you never end up loathing Vikram although you know he is cheating and using people. You know he is selfish to the core and yet you cant hold it against him. Because you know and understand his need for success. You know there is no other way. And maybe, just maybe you would have done the exact same thing if you were in his shoes.
10. I wish Sona wasn’t such a stereotype. A struggling starlet whose 3 year affair with a producer comes to a naught. Who is just a step of the ladder for our boy Vikram. When she finally refuses to go back to Vikram’s life I almost wished she would have. For the money and the lifestyle it would promise. And that thought made me feel ashamed.

The songs are wonderful especially Sapno se bhare naina. Today at least four people (including me) had that as their status message on GTalk. A generation of dreamers?
The circus song is simply an explosion of colors!And is that Isha herself or a body double on the ring?Wow!

So this is the end of analysis for the men who wish to watch the movie. For the girls please go ahead because of:
1. Farhan
2. Farhan
3. Farhan

Adhuna Akhtar, dammit!!Now let me calculate “FLAMES**” between Farhan and me and try the sound of his surname after my name!

**you don’t know about FLAMES? Now you will have to go through teenage crushes all over again 🙂


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An example of extremes

I am posting lyrics of a song after a long time. Here is “sapno se bhare naina” from Farhan Akhtar’s (droool) next movie Luck By Chance.

Bagiya bagiya balak bhage
Tettli phir bhi haath na lage

Is pagle ko kaun bataye
dhoond raha jo tu jag mein
koi jo paaye
maan mein hi paaye

Sapno se bhare naina
To neend hai na chaina

It took all my strength of character not to post the ultimate paean in love-songs, the lyrical brilliance of….

Hai Love Mera Hit Hit Soniye
To Phir Kaise Khit Pit Soniye
To Baby Badi Fit Fit Soniye
Na Kar Aise Khit Pit Khit Pit

Dammit.No self control.

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