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When salt and pepper no longer refers to a band in pre-MTV era

I recently went to a club. After 2 years and stood out like a sore thumb for not having matchstick for legs  and not fashioning my clothes out of a handkerchief. I was the aunty in the club. You know the ones I made fun of when I was 21. You know desperately trying to be cool and “in”. But I wasn’t always like this. Once upon a time I used to look forward to a night of dancing and booze which got covered under entry charges. Hey my friends and I had to be dragged off the dance floor much after all female population would have vacated the area in insti parties.

There was a time when male attention was not hard to come by.  Ahh those were the days.

The days of jumping over hostel gate to go for a party.

The days of staying up all night flirting on the PPO road.

The days of going to bed at 6AM and waking for dinner the next day.

The days of insisting that you need to sleep in the loo after having a little too much.

Those were the days. They were awesome. And they are over.

Welcome to the days of loan payoffs, office politics and pants. Yes once an optionality under a long dress- now a necessity.Maybe I should be happy-men who would make eyes at me now are definitely going for the personality. I still go to bed at 6 AM but thats mostly to save my job. And all I get from having too much these days is a good nights sleep.

And yes today morning after checking my hair in the mirror I could finally give my dad a taste of his own medicine.

“yeh baal na dhup main safed nahi hue hain”.

So there is a silver lining after all. Even if just “on” my head.





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On a Sunday eve

My Sundays have been poisoned for a larger part of my life to be honest.

Ohh it used to begin well with Mowgli and Ducktales and Talespin but then would slip into the route of by-heart and belch for the next day’s Unit test. You see my school in all its wisdom had scheduled unit tests all through the year on Mondays.As a young adult Mondays meant start of Exams which meant running around-cramming-praying-fighting sleep-cursing own stupidity all happening on The Sunday night.

And now. I wait for Fridays with bated breath. But systems have a way of crumbling on Fridays. Mismatches show up on Friday evenings. And then the weekend comes as a breather to save face before business kicks your behind on Monday. So you and your team slogs to get the act together before Monday dawns. This is not every Friday though, sometimes I walk aimlessly in Malls, couple of bags in hand to show my complete worship of the consumerist culture and when I hit the bed on Sunday evening I remember the data analysis that the boss had asked for and had conveniently slipped my mind and I toss and turn before sitting bolt upright at 5 am and starting on my laptop.And Monday dawns way too soon with the fore-brooding of all that can possibly go wrong in the week ahead.

I have a cellphone screensaver which says “Live each day” (implying dont just exist) yet sometimes I feel life slipping by as I supervise ABAP code changes, bargain with vendors and pacify business users.

Yes I am filled with negativity-maybe I should join Krav Mega classes and channel it.


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