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Cultural barriers are on the tongue

Tay How Kiak and Pudjihartono find it difficult to say my name. Its funny how *the most common name in India* can sound exotic outside it. Makes me feel special.

This is the last weekend in fine city before one returns to what-was-formerly-known-as-garden-city. Lets just say people who save on top of their income on international stints and people who lose all their puppy fat while onsite have nothing in common with me.

Despite being a vegetarian I have found Indian food at arms reach wherever I went (esp in Bangkok where I actually found it better than 99% of restaurants in India!gasp!) and add the delightful, sinful portions of creamy-white bready-raisin-filled-chocolate layered sweet nothings I pump in daily lets just say we now look like a small double decker bus.

Dont blame me. Blame it on BreadTalk. (takes time to clean keyboard of drool)

Okay what else?

One shopped till one dropped at which point we infused some sugar into the blood via large glass of coca cola (nothing but the best for me, thank you) and continued throwing precious foreign exchange at shopkeepers. So what if we have a gazillion pair of footwear back home I will not get to visit Charles and Keith again, will I huh? And dammit who asked Tangs to put bags on sale. Any ways I was looking for a cream bag.And a beige one. And a brown one. And a purple one.

I would have bought unlimited clothes as well if it werent for the simple fact that size 0 is the standard south east asian girls dress size and apparently I fall into XXL (faints). Apart from making me feel like a giant who likes her donuts a little too much, I have finally realised where the market exists for what they show on FTV and the Cosmos and Vogues of the world!People here wear lovely dresses and make such an effort to look good. I actually have to wake up and think what I will wear to office instead of grabbing the nearest kurta and teaming it with standard issue white churidar. Now if only I can shrink into that awesome Ally Mcbealish business skirt-suits.

Singapore expo was devils handiwork to push me over to starvation. Bedsheets, perfumes, external hard drive you name it, I bought it. The pocket is lighter and the excess baggage heavier. Now let me just get my begging bowl and we are set for the final week.

Btw, after 6 weeks here I realise that at this point in time there is nothing that is not available in India. Whether it be luxury brands, clothes, accessories, home items,cars or electronics. People have this misconception that things are cheaper here and they are not. Trust me India IS the cheapest for mobile phones andthe like. You are not getting that N97/iPhone at throw away prices!Even at Mustafa!So when I say you are better off shopping at Shopper Stop its not because I am being chindi!

Anyhow am off to doing touristy things this weekend. This being an extended one with the national day tomorrow!And home sweet home on August 15!

PS: Actually I have to start home hunting once I get back.


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First impressions.

In another city-country.

Where they cant pronounce my name, but Tamil is still the fourth official state language.

Where I report to a Brit, and mail someone called Umut of indistinguishable sex and nationality.

Where petite women in barely there dresses throng the Chinese, Japanese,European and Indian restaurants set in a line next to the riverside.

Where the night ceases to be only when the dawn takes its place.

It’s a “fine” place to be they say.


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