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Monty is back with a vengeance!

So we suffered through “Aapka Suroooooor, The rial lubh ishtory’ (or some similar spelling). Actually who am I kidding, we loved the movie.We lay back,switched on the laptop,and clutched the dear intestines as Raj Babbar screamed ‘meri bettiiiiii’ to a decidedly Caucasian female. When dear HR adobe photo shopped with his vision salwar-kameezes over western outfitted child-woman-heroine types, we were thrashing on the floor in fits of laughter thinking about all the men we knew in our lives who strained their vision in trying to make out shape of innerwear through a slipped dupatta or tee. When the Indian auto association reached Germany we finally banged our head in so much mirth that we had to shut the laptop as we didnt want to kill ourselves laughing.

So the success of this reaal lovveee shtory,has prompted HR to get a hair transplant and can Karz, before the spirited heir of RK khandaan Ranbir could get fancy ideas.

So with hair that cant wait, the much dead Gulshan Kumar is re-introducing the revengeful Monty.We also have a new child-woman-who-looks-like-Sneha Ullal-who-in-turn-looks-like-Aish Rai Bacchan. Urmila Matondkar reprises the role originally played by Simi Grewal. So exactly how old is Monty?And more importantly how old is Urmila’s character?And why is she prancing in a club singing err..Tandoori Nights?

These are the questions our ears are waiting to know.We wait in anticipation for the nose to rise to the occassion.


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