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Possibly my last post

..because I think I am dying of binge eating.

Alternative title being Best Food In Bangalore!

I went to ITC Royal Gardenia yesterday and am (my stomach definitely is) still reeling under the assault I made at Cubbon Pavilion Sunday brunch there. The vertical garden at Cubbon Pavilion reinforces the experience of dining in the serenity of nature and the friendly staff puts you completely at ease.

The Sunday brunch will put you back by 1986/- (with unlimited drinks) but is so worth it baby. The buffet is a combination of Oriental, Western and Indian cuisine and includes 2 starters, 2 soups, 18 salads (steamed mushrooms were yum, even the broccoli was delicious-and coming from me thats precious), 15 to 18 main course(vegetarian sushi, learnt  that wasabi should not be applied like a green chutney-it can make your head go right round) and 20 desserts!! Yes 20 items of sinful desire which has murdered 1 month of treadmill walks and then stamped all over it!

Every things was superb and we spent close to 2.5 hours sipping wine and feasting.

In case you havent been there already I recommend that you do the next weekend.

PS: I also saw Puneet Raj Kumar on the table next to us. He is really short!


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Being a memsaahib in Calcutta



*viennese coffee at Flurrys.

E75 3.5mpx camera.Photo chori karne wale tera muuh kaala.


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Irresistible to women!



Decapitation and disembowelment followed soon after..

Ab kamar ka kamara kaise na bane?

*This was a promotion run by Axe in November called chocolate month where you could send chocolates to your lady love. I am of course am enjoying employee benefits 🙂


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No sycophancy..

just something that makes so much sense if it were actually being followed including by the party of the statement maker.

“What is important,” said Rahul Gandhi, the heir to the family dynasty that controls the governing Congress Party, “is that we stop worrying about how the world will impact us, we stop being scared about how the world will impact us, and we step out and worry about how we will impact the world.”


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