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The other pair are stilettos

Less than 55!Yay!

As she stood in the crowded bus he sidled up behind her with a lecherous grin. Every turn and every brake was an opportunity to accidently fall on her. At the next jerk, she carefully positioned her 4” sharp heel onto his chappal clad feet and shifted all her weight onto it.

And oops, it has the W word as well!!!


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The grapes contain carbs

A 105-er and maiden attempt.

Lisa joined the big Consultancy and settled in Europe. She joined the small IT firm which specialized in reporting tools. Years passed. They lost touch. But she still read Lisa’s blog, posts about a workaholic lifestyle and partying under a Parisian moon. She looked at her payslip which would never fund a trip outside the country’s shores. Then she chanced across Lisa’s profile on a friends network. Lisa, with her boy cut hair, 20 pounds of extra weight and still single.Suddenly years of resentment washed out as she smirked “She spent years developing a personality when she should have just laid off the cheese.”

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