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Semi-Final Mohali tickets-buy or not?

Either Indo-Pak pataka match
10K down the drain.
Have end of day tomm to decide.


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And to kick off

this attempt at blogging lets first re-plug an old post which captured my feelings on World Cup of any sort. How it deprives the mind and soul of that essential ingredient for growth and success also called the TV or the idiot box. (Yes all of life’s mysteries can be explained through the antics of the girls who participate in Splitsvilla and Nirwana must feel like watching Emotional Atyachaar all day)

So last Sunday I went to watch that match (yes the one which everyone and their social networking site timeline has an opinion about) between India and England (mostly at the insistence of AB). It was a mini miracle we got the tickets. And then we stood in the line for one freaking hour to find we have moved a grand total of 10 steps. This will not do we decided  and began to take corrective action any honorable cricket fan will do-slip in with a large family. We were now 10 steps from the gate 🙂


Spotted the end of the line? congratulations, you have successfully spotted where we were standing

Well you know what they say about karma being a bitch and all.

True story.

I had a point and shoot camera in my bag which I managed to sneak through the main gate. (I mean comon first match in stadium, couple of nice pics to banta hain) but supervigilant police force caught it at checkpoint no 2. No amount of begging pleading worked and we were forced to return to our car to keep back the camera. All advantages of jumping the queue were lost then and there.

Anyhow we reached the pavilion H of Chinnaswamy stadium and deposited ourself on a nice cool set of seat-good view, shaded from the afternoon sun. This at 12PM for the 2.30 match.Slowly we realised how the sun travels from East to West in the sky and how we were sitting in its path and how for the next 6 hours we will be with the players on the field not just in spirit but in sweating as well.

This ones a houseful! A slowly baking in your own skin houseful!

However have to say watching a match in a stadium is different experience altogether. And yes one more “Sachin is God” will have me tearing my hair but no other player gets the kind of reception he does. if he so much as looks at the crowd (he was fielding near our stands) the crowd goes into a frenzy. But overall the crowd was much better behaved than I expected. And it is great fun to make Mexican waves!


Century for master blaster! (3mpx camera main itna hi milega)

Of course India proceeded to make a mess of the last 10 overs and we were forced to watch  a very long Strauss innings thanks to the Indian bowling “attack” but when Zaheer downed a couple of wickets the crowd was back on its feet. The energy in the stadium was unbelievable. This is called home advantage. Every dot ball was cheered and every run up was roared for. Though most supporters were disappointed we couldnt defend such a huge total the nail biting finish was just too good for non-regular like me.


The night lights

So have this one odd experiance made me a cricket buff? I ll think over it as I go through my Dexter marathon.


Proof that God stood few meters from me

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