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I go on this music trip now and then where I play the same goddamn song over and over. And over.Till everyone around me hates me and the song. This is followed by periods of intense dislike where I cant stand the song till it gets relegated to a folder on D drive. But if there is a singer whose songs have been on my playlist for over a year now its Gaga.

I mean she is so weird you have to love her. No pants. Tea Cups. Smoking cigarette sunglasses.Whats there not to like? With a really average face (I mean look at some of the singers out there-they are picture pretty compared to her) and a different voice she has really pushed the edge in videos and fashion.

This is her breakthrough video which inspired too many parodies to count.

I never knew Just Dance and Pokerface were sung by her till I saw this video. Its almost a 7 min movie and has been applauded as cutting edge and critiqued as stomach turning. You can judge for yourself.

When I was going through a major disco stick phase Gaga came for a concert at Fort Canning and I living 10 minutes from there did go for the concert because I had no company. None of my friends knew a singer like her existed and why she would warrant a 300$ ticket! Its a big time regret which I hope I will get a chance to correct.

These days I am addicted to her Alejandro. As for the longish video (9 minutes playing time equivalent to JT’s What goes around with Scarlett Johanssen) if you have ever wondered what if Nazi’s had stripped instead of killed here is your answer

Apparently the lone soldier who appears at the end is a Russian Billionaire who paid Gaga a million to have this appearance. And I kept wondering he looks more like a Franz than Alejandro or Roberto!

I really doubt how long Gaga can keep shocking us or can she ever top herself. To more foot tapping music and disturbing visuals-hope the Lady continues to be at the top of the game!


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Of ‘beautious’ cows and other stars

So I was called a cow. No not in a fit of anger but rather in a fit of mush.

Whattheyy! you say?Exactly my reaction.

You see the Boy thinks cows are a charming lot of animals- so calm, gentle, beautiful, fair (oh, lets not even go into the indian fixation with fair skin here) and ehhmm sexy because lets face it they have big racks!!!


The other day I was on a company sponsored SAP event at Taj Land’s End where another department of the company was holding a Saif-Deepika meet and greet event.  SAP vs Saifu? Apples and oranges, more like Chocolate and brocolli.

So with strategically timed washroom breaks a colleague and me hovered around the balcony to wait for the stars to appear. Finally after much waiting and much eves dropping on a skinny-ad agency type talking on phone.Saif appears and I was stunned to say the least. To know where I was coming from let me remind you of a time when I had blown kisses at the screen whenever he appeared in Race.

Well what I saw was this. (there is only so much a 2mpx cell phone camera can do,okay? )Image0010

You see that flash of white flesh between the two men, thats him! So Saif’s frighteningly pale, not really a strapping 6 footer and I-hate-to-say-this but balding. A thousand schoolgirl fantasies died inside me that day. Kareena can have him..huh!

Oh yeah I saw Deepika too. She is tall, thin and beautiful in real life too.


I have to come out on one thing here. It punctures all my fake posh-ness when it comes to reading but here it goes. I have read all..four ..of Chetan Bhagats books. There I did it.

Yes i bought the latest one-2 states on the weekend it released. It hurt my fake snobbery so much that I bought an Orhan Pamuk to hide it. And I read it on the plane journey back and chuckled all the way at the stereotypes which do unfortunately hold true to this day.

There is a line in the book when the depressed hero turns a workaholic and his boss finds his dedication impressive and says “Citibank sees a bright future in you” or something in those lines and the hero thinks how  Citibank seeing a bright future in him translates into him having no life.

May be this is what makes Bhagat top the bestseller list within a day of release. He hits the nail on the head.

PS: May the festival of lights bring you loads of luck and happiness.

Its not Diwali here because one is no longer in Dilli.

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So how old did you say she was?


Pic Courtesy


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..And at the G8 summit

..major decisions were made.3708805808_59cd175090

Obama : Mera wala pink!

Sarkozy: Aur mera bhi!

Previous are-you–like-checking-her-out here.


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Alternate reality?

Bad photoshop job?

Advance April 1 joke?

New role in Balaji Telefilms ‘ latest?

Another SRS victim?

“The myth” or the reality?



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What do you do when you are dating a young Grammy winning artist and one of the most desirable woman on the planet?

Keep up the grand old culture of beating them up of course!(Hey, eureka moment, this is a common cultural trait across civilizations?)

On February 8, 2009, Rihanna’s scheduled performance at the 2009 Grammy Awards was canceled. Reports later surfaced regarding an alleged altercation with her boyfriend, singer Chris Brown. Brown has been arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats.

Then TMZ obtained this photo. And of course we are never short of “umbrella..ay..yay..” jokes either.





Her dad has issues a statement to the effect that he hopes his daughter will stand up for young women all over the world facing such an issue.

I hope so too.

And by and by, yesterday was her birthday.

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Dont ever tell me its in the genes again!


Baap !!


PS: Another completely unrelated but interesting site!


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