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BLT Diary: So lately,in case you have been wondering…

So much water had flown down the Periyar since I last posted. Quick updation to follow. So as you sit in your cubicle,using a proxy server to bypass company firewall and spend hours the poor client is billing you to read this I am lying in a hammock on a pristine Goan beach sipping my Litchini with a nice book lying face down on my paunch. Yes this is also called rubbing it in. Its also called I wish my company let me do all this. Reality is I am in Goa,watching backpackers in bermudas and chappals while I lug my 10kgs outdated laptop and work schedules and diaries, watching the beauty bar of the filmstars being manufactured and long my heart out to be a trashy backpacker on tour.

So lately,here is what we did…

I struggled,pushed, and somehow by sheer miracle of foolishly smiling at shopkeepers managed the sales target given to me. The boss smiled finally when I did give him my final presentation. You have done very well… excellent…he said as he smilingly filled average in all columns of my appraisal sheets. (Yes, of course, excellently average)

So we proceeded to our next destination-Chennai. But not before some drama. The last lunch at branch office didnt take to my stomach with the same vigour fat cells all over the world are taking to my hips. So it quickly decided to make an exit through the orifice it entered from. Not satisfied it took along the breakfast and everything else available in the stomach. This over a period of 12 hours at night.

The next day was on a flight to Chennai. Never in my life did I imagine I would be looking forward to a visit to Chennai. But I was. In fact a visit to anything spelling m-e-t-r-o would have had me jump in hoops. The Chennai stint was brief and uneventful. All back office work is taken care there. So learnt some processes, thanked God I wasnt working in a BPO, drank a lot of south indian coffee and returned home to Jaya TV. That was because my hotel room showed only Jaya, Kiran, KTV, Sun, Surya,Kairali,Asianet..Yes dearies I went one whole week without watching 20 girls-2 guys whoring themselves in the name of Reality Tv!

Chennai was also fun because there were 3 other BLTs in Chennai and we even drove down to Pondicherry one weekend. It was a total dampner because the sea side kind of melts you when you are out mid noon. However we stopped by some place called Tiger Hills on the way back (roughly 40kms from Chennai) and it was superb! It had a park with tiger shaped carvings and we climbed on them and a really clean beach. of course yours truly went into eplileptic fits of joy on seeing waves and did things she later regretted. Sitting down on the shore with waves washing over you being one (Why? 1. sand sand everywhere, and I mean everywhere 2. Know how irritating salty water up your nose cab be) But overall 5/5 rating to Tiger Hills.

From there we landed at the new sparkling Bengaluru airport. Again not without some drama. The cab sent to pick me up from hotel at 6 in the morning went to the airport instead. With an hour to flight I was still standing in hotel lobby chewing my nail and slowly the flesh of the finger away. After some Formula 1 racing by cabbie we were in. Running full speed ahead with trolley glanced at the notice board to see if flight has already taken off to find it delayed. Blood pressure hovering at the ceiling went to basement in flat 5 seconds.

Over the weekend met friends and went to MGRoad(as if we had any option!).

Shopaholic seeing mall after 8 weeks + happiness sale at Bangalore Central = salary account hurtling towards bankruptcy.

It also helped that my friend(lets call him CC) was most helpful in decision making.

Me: A or B. I cant decide..

CC: Buy both na..

Me: okay, but only because you forced me!

Guilt dumped on third party I proceeded to empty my wallet. So now we have even more luggage of things I will probably never use to lug around. As the BF says I dont know whats in those suitcases considering you only wear these 3-4 dresses. How to explain that the multiple stomachs can only hide in sack like kurtas and not in the second skin like tees am lugging around in the hope of someday squeezing into( you know after my very own Kareena Kapoor like makeover. Oh btw, her trainer is now working on reducing Rani Mukherjee to 45kgs. Now if that happens, I will sell a kidney and hire her. I digress..I digress..)

Also saw ‘Jaane tu…’ after expectations had been built sky high. Reality came crashing down as we watched the shokh sabha of the billi in stunned incredulity. Maybe I am really getting old and this is what they call ‘the generation gap’. But I also wanted to pull Imrans cheek and hang out with him. It was a little back-to-being-14 kinda feeling.

Ohh ohh and also at the new airport at Devanhalli (only some 30kms from mankind) there is no screening of baggage. Why? Also two life threatening scissors were recovered from my hand luggage. (Kept there to cut the irritating seals in suitcase zippers that are painful to remove with hand) Afraid I may cut off any airhostess or co-passenger hair with those tiny pairs they were confiscated. Saw a 50% sale at FCUK and Tommy H stores. Only the work involved in lugging the 10kg hand luggage kept me in my seat.

Landed at Vasco and traveled by an absolutely lovely road to Panjim where am currently housed. 6 weeks from now I will travel the same way out of Goa. I only hope I would have done the hammock-litchini-book bit by then!

Edited to add : Atlee on what rival FMCG company is making him do here.


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