Return of the aspiring writer

21 May

So today I tried logging into my WordPress account and then being supremely competent spent 30 mins resetting my password.

Life has been happening. Like working to earn a living. Ensuring offspring will turn into a well adjusted human being later in life. WhatsApping latest UNESCO achievements of our national anthem.

In between all this life, I just did not find the time to fulfill the dream of every BTech-MBA -no not the corner office but getting yourself published.

The only writing skill I have polished in the last few years is writing emails.

I have heard blogging is dead so I hope to utilize this little piece of internet that is mine to write and write and write.

Get in my 10000 hours in (still very influenced by books I read 10 years ago), maybe discover a little bit of myself, and maybe even get a couple of readers in the process.

And maybe just maybe one day I will be able to put something out there to publish. You know like this story of a South Indian girl marrying a North Indian boy whom she met at a call center in the background of violent riots in her city.






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