12 Apr

Things I miss when I lug my huge belly and 90kg self around :
1. Seeing my feet
2. Sleeping on my back. Actually sleeping through the night.
3. A bladder that could hold pee when required.
4. A face that wasn’t partially discolored.
5. Size 10 clothes.
6. Running
7. Lifting. Often better than the men at the gym.
8. Move faster than a tortoise
9. Getting up without sound effects.
10. Getting beauty treatments to look less like a hairy man.
11. Boobs that pointed ahead.
12. Looking and feeling attractive.
13. Not wanting to strangle my husband every alternate second.

What I will miss in a month or so :
1. Being with my baby 24-7 and Carrying my baby everywhere.
2. Feeling my baby move and wriggle around.
3. The galloping little heart on Doppler.

It was a decent trade off I believe.

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