First look at Baby B

21 Feb

7 weeks into this new life adventure husband and I were at a clinic for our first ultrasound – the early pregnancy scan.
It was the first time I had ever gone for an ultrasound. And that’s when I realised that an ultrasound meant pumping urself full of water till your bladder is about to burst and then have the technician pour some cold gel on your lower stomach and proceed to press the said at-bursting-point bladder to find your baby.
Between trying to hold in my pee and craning my neck at an impossible angle to see a grainy monitor all I saw were some patches of black and white.
“Is it there?” I ask.
“Of course it is. Now if u can lie still I can finish measuring and then I will show you” replies the man groping my lower abdomen with a machine coated with icy gel or the sonologist.
After 10 mins of poking my full bladder he calls in the husband, turns the monitor to prevent me from breaking my own neck and points to a white spot which looks like an outgrowth. That’s my baby.
Umm okay.
Then he turns the view and outgrowth starts flickering.
“That’s your baby’s heart beating”
He turns up the volume.
It’s like horses galloping.
Somewhere inside me a tiny human had developed a tiny heart that beats.
Somehow the two of us had managed to create this new person.
My baby.
My little baby B.
Why on earth was I crying?

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