The Under-Appreciated Hollywood Blockbusters

05 Aug

Apparently Hollywood summer releases aren’t doing that well. However there have been a bunch of better-than-your average mega movies out there. And you might have missed them because most of them got the short end of the stick by the critics. As a sworn movie buff who starts planning weekend movie outings on a Tuesday as well as a science nerd who loves superhuman humans, I decided to list down the movies which haven’t really set the box office on fire but should have. In my opinion of course. I have left out the usual franchisee and established superheroes.

lucy_xlgLet me start with a movie that is playing in the theaters currently (so that you can catch it!) – LUCY. The trailers took the inter webs by storm, the actual movie not so much. Critics call its fantastical and perpetuating unscientific theory. Because you know movies are usually only about reality and reporting of the truth! The movie perpetuates a myth but is better than your usual action blockbuster in so many ways. Its the best unreal TED talk ever! Sacrlett Johansson is in fine form, there are good action pieces and enough suspense. And it has Paris.

edge_of_tomorrow_ver10The second underappreciated movie of this summer is Edge of Tomorrow. I understand many people cant stand Tom Cruise now. I know what a disaster Oblivion was. But this is a movie in which he has tried to be a little different – a throwback to the old Tom Cruise if you may. Based on the graphic novel “All You Need Is Kill”, the premise is similar to Groundhogs Day– Cruise relives the day of his death over and over. The directors have taken this simple premise and made it inventive,entertaining and even humorous. Then there are the aliens and a kickass Emily Blunt as the Full Metal Bitch. Rotton Tomatoes ( 90% Fresh) and IMDB (8.1) kind of agree with me on this one.

The third movie I suggest released last year sank in the US but did so well overseas that it got director Guillermo del Toro a sequel. Am talking about Pacific Rim. There are giant aliens getting smashed by giant Robots on the Pacific sea floor. For one you get a whole new fantasy universe, on top of which you have a Japanese heroine and  Idris Elba. Pacific Rim is big and silly and so much fun! As a reviewer wrote

Bro, it comes down to this: if you can’t turn the brain meat off and sit back and enjoy Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi and Idris Elba beating the crap out of some monsters then, dude, you’re the monster.

Waiting for Jaegers and Kaijus to go at it again in 2017.


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