There is something about Europe

30 Jun

I planned on going to Europe the day I landed a job. I obviously thought my employer would foot the bill as I jet setted making decisions that would take the company to higher growths paths and a leader in marketplace.
6 years have passed. Neither of the above has happened.
So one day I decided that the Amazons of the world had eaten enough of my hard earned money- I mean there are only so many dresses one could wear and only so many variations of face cream one could apply to fight wrinkles. I decided to go put down the money on some travel.
Now of course the dilemma.
Europe is big.
Every country has so much to offer.
I have job with limited set of days off.
Umm..INR to Euro isn’t a pretty conversion.
So I charted out a basic itenarary.
Paris has to be there. Because you know Europe gaye aur Paris nahi dekha?
I love Pasta and Elizabeth Gilbert had a good time in Rome so why not. While we are in Italy, let’s throw in Venice and Florence in it.
Heard Italy and France are a bit stingy with the Schengen, but you know who likes everyone to join their party- the Dutch! Amsterdam got added.
12 days in Europe. 7-8 placed to see.
Should be doable?
Booked my flights. Booked hubby’s flights. Booked hotels. Gave passport for visa ( adding Amsterdam didn’t help, the country you stay in the longest counts- so Italian embassy it was), swore on my life that I didn’t plan to immigrate illegally by producing various forms of genuinely-nice-woman-about-to-boost-your-tourism-industry proof in triplicate.
Then the wait began.
A month to go.
Thankfully Italians visa officials loved my bank statement in triplicate.
Now to pack for this trip.
Backpack around Europe? I have definitely seen the back of that dream the day I crossed 30.
Weather? Not really summer yet, so should pack a couple of woolens. What do I have that doesn’t make me look like an aunty from Karol Bagh out to shop at Sombazaar? Can this print Kurti stand it’s own again Parisian fashionistas. Does this skinny jeans make me look like a stuffed sausage? How many shoes are too many? Does Nike women’s pro-runner go with this brand new Zara dress I had saved for the day wearing short dresses on a caudal outing becomes acceptable in India for 30 plus folks. When do I wax my legs to make it last the entire 12 days without that epitome of feminity -leg stubble ruin my Zara wearing plans.
Decisions had to be made.
Because you know this-better-be-the-best-trip-ever.

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