21 Mar

I attended this workshop on developing some personal skills few days ago. It was pretty good and very expensive for my company. One of the areas they covered was the kind of person you are- the “me” factor in any equation and to flex your style based on situations.
Now this knowledge is nothing new. There are hundreds of personality tests out there. I did one as soon I had joined the company which wholeheartedly recommended me for the function I joined in.
Its good to sometimes do a simple 10 questions set, be slotted in a box and read your characteristics. As I nodded along in agreement to the traits that people of my box apparently displayed I wondered if this is just one of the things we are programmed to do- this sort of identification to such scientific slotting. I remember reading Linda Goodman during my teens and thinking how accurate her description of Saggitarians was. Of course with age I know it was all hogwash and I am nothing like that sample Sagittarius woman.
20140321-230537.jpgOhh and for the record am apparently a data person and display the reserved impersonal demeanor of one. I like to think its true. Am pretty introvert-ish , like to keep my head down and do my work, and crunch through huge amounts of data pretty quickly ( one of the reasons I love the inter webs is the non stop data overload, I revel in it). But I also have offbeat ideas ( ideas people) get along fairly well with people ( people people) and can get obsessed with targets ( results people).
Yes we may all have dominant styles. I have drowned many a people persons with data. But I wonder how effective it is to box people into 4 quadrants and “flex” our styles accordingly.
I have a 90 day follow up to the course  which should tell me.

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