22 Jun

Someone recently asked me if I still write.

Should have said yes. I respond to 100 emails a day. Sometimes with an “ok approved”. Sometimes saving my ass. Sometimes fighting with a colleague trying to save their ass.

But I don’t think that’s what that person meant. He referred to my blog.
A casual look on the right bar would tell you where that is.

See that’s the problem with putting your personal journal (even a selective journal where you control the picture you want to present), in an increasingly politically correct world- what you spit on a personal domain can come and bite you when you weren’t looking. Cause once its out there it’s out there. So I can’t really let it rip here.

Then there is the small bit about the real world. Where roles and responsibilities have significantly increased. I spend enough and more time online on FB and twitter so why should I add something more to the list. Most of the bloggers I used to follow religiously have moved on ( to real life hopefully). So when I can update the world and my handful of followers in 140 chars or less why take the effort of composing a whole long post which no one will read.

I don’t have a topical/ interest blog where I explore new technologies/review movies/ travelogue. So there is no IT thing/ trend that I need to review now for my interest group. It’s a personal online diary of someone who does everything and nothing.

I really think blogs are dead in this world of instant consumption.

But. (Isn’t there always)

If I don’t write, I will lose it.
I find grammatical errors and unstructured sentence compositions in my emails sometimes. This usually happens when I chat and type simultaneously. I am losing it.
Really looking at pics of a classmate I haven’t spoken to for 15 odd years isn’t really a good hobby.
I used to be moderately good at this. And people used to read me. Wasn’t that the dream?

So let me retry to be friends with my blog once again. Old being gold and all that.

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One response to “Rumblings

  1. adicrazy

    July 13, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    Haha, loved the post. This is *SO* me. I have a permanent ‘While I Was Away’ lable/tag on my blog for whenever I wake up to my blog after months. Its bad, I know. Ignoring the blog makes us feel guilty, but (yes, there’s always one. sigh.) – we’re already furiously typing on your laptops that leisure writing sometimes takes a back seat. So, what I’m saying here is, I understand.
    But do write more, it feels good to read it later.


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