Ticking off the bucket list

08 Jan

So after the wedding was done and dusted I couldn’t wait to get that suitcase packed and run off.I had made it amply clear my honeymoon was going to be in one of THE FIVE places I wanted to see. Cape Town was at the top.Except apparently not enough Indians think South Africa to be a very likely honeymoon destination or destination of any kind. Every packaged trip cost a bomb and whenever I told someone our choice of destination the usual reaction would be

1.” it safe?”

2. “Waha to bas kaale log hain na?” (not making this up trust me)

So in a burst of frustration both me and AB stayed up with our laptops one night and booked the entire trip ourselves including the flights, hotels and applying for visa.It cost us a bomb. But it was going to be a trip we wanted with places we wanted to see and at our pace than being bundled around in a van with 10 other tourists and going to an amusement park or overpriced game drive.

To be honest, I was scared with the countless warnings we got-doubting my (please note singular not plural) choice of destination. Will we find a guide? Is planning-on-the-go gonna run us to the ground? Will I get mugged/killed the moment I step of that plane.

So after quick stopover at Dubai I was sitting/sleeping my way on the longest flight I had ever taken to Cape Town-South Africa’s mother city clutching my excel itinerary to heart.

Well the Gods they were smiling I guess. Because from the moment I stepped off that plane I knew this was going to be the memorable trip I had always wanted.

Our Hotel was right next to the V&A waterfront. It reminded me a bit of Clark Quay but a lot prettier.

The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is the centre of CT tourist's social life

There were pubs music shops restaurants by docks as sailboats splashed on the docks inviting tourists like us for a sunset cruise. Of course we had to have experienced every tourist trap there is.

Sunset Cruise on the Atlantic

The champaigne, the sunset, the beauty was all very heady and finally the husband agreed that maybe maybe that hole in the pocket was worth it!

Spell binding view of city

The next day we left early to visit Cape Town’s main attraction the Table Mountain. The flat-topped Table Mountain dominates the City skyline and is now one of the world’s seven natural wonders.But when we got there we realized it was quite possible that we maybe leaving this continent without seeing the top if it. Gale winds are common at the top of the mountain and authorities dont take any chances with the cable car.

With our spirits a little lower than before we set off for Robbins Island tour.  When we were talking to couple of agents from India one of them happened to mention how quickly this tour sells out. So we had tried to book tickets online the day before we left for RSA. And luckily found what might have been the only 2 tickets left for the entire week.

Robbins island was the place where South Africa kept its political prisoners during apartheid. And we must have been the only honeymooning couple checking out Nelson Mandela ‘s cell. An ex-prisoner takes this tour and it seemed rather punishing to me that someone would want to revisit a place they were imprisoned for decades daily and take a tour of the same.A must visit for history buffs it left us feeling rather glum.

An evening in the buzzing V&A waterfront cheered us up as we stuffed our face with Italian food.

The last day in Cape Town was drawing close and there was a lot to see! (This trip wasnt planned with relaxing or taking it slow in mind!)


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2 responses to “Ticking off the bucket list

  1. Anshul Khandelwal

    December 21, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    Hey There ! It was really nice to read a fellow couple’s Cape Town Sojourn. I was just wondering if we could take some tips from you regarding the same as we we are also planning to jump into this black hole ( as defined y family, friends and relatives) from 30th January 2013 to 7th February 2013. While we might not have a lot of safety related advice, we would love to interact with you more about the city and itinerary. It would be great if you could reach out to us!

    • Karma Chameleon

      December 26, 2012 at 3:11 pm

      Sure Drop in a line to me on the blog. Will try to help with whatever I can.


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