Facebook killed the blogging star?

02 Jan

Happy 2011 my 3 readers!

If any of you are around you would know updates on this blog have become a trickle. So have the updates on many blogs I used to follow-most of them lie abandoned in the vast wastelands of the www-the owners having abandoned their stations without a warning or having signed lucrative book deals and no longer having the bandwidth to update the space.

I am not sure what really triggered this death of blogs? 140 words or less? Or the second life we all lead on facebook?

But I can surely talk about myself. Facebook is frankly just addictive and well available. Its on my laptop and on my mobile. I have “friended” people I had lost touch after school and people on the periphery of my life. I know if they were so important to me they would be in my life right now and not a status update on my timeline blah blah..but you know it thrills me when I find a classmate I had a very casual relationship with (not really a chuddi-buddy) on FB and find that she has a cute little baby or that she is doing great in her field of choice. This is something I would have never known otherwise.  Damn and I like killing imaginary mobsters and playing a farmer too! I like that I can post a photo, tag my friends, write smart alecky comments and set my privacy as per my wish. I like that I can “like” some one else’s smart alecky comment, follow interesting links and feel jealous/smug after seeing how people’s life play out.

So when Mark Zuckerberg is made the Times person of the year ahead of Assage I am okay with it. Zuckerberg affected my life-Assage didnt. I even sympathized with Zuckerberg’s character in “The social network” despite the negative portrayal- I mean they all but put a halo on Eduardo Saverin’s character. (On a side note its a brilliant movie-smart, witty and crisp-do watch it if you havent already)

So yeah when you are already saying all you want to say on FB and twitter, you are already making album after album of everything you do in your life-when all people who ever made the mistake of adding or followin gyou already know when you woke up and what you felt when you did why should one open a dashboard on a blog (which still doesnt have  a mobile app suitable for all  phone types) on your laptop and type out labored sentence after sentence whn 1 cud typ lke dis?

Maybe the ease and comfort of typing out a one liner has taken the joy out of long posts, proof reading them for spelling/grammatical errors and then wait for comments. When your ” I had onion paranthas at roadside stall” update can lead to 15 likes and 25 comments on why thats awesome, where can you find better onion paranthas, how someone once fell sick after eating there etc why bother?

I am not sure whether FB would finally be the answer to all our virtual needs (At one point I thought Google’s set of applications was) but 500 million is a big start. So who knows FB might just kill the blogging star.



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4 responses to “Facebook killed the blogging star?

  1. SG

    January 8, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    Hellos from yet another peripheral contact. Relaized the same thing that ever since twitter and FB happened, the great blogger in me died a premature threat. Hope to fix that this year.

    And ya, wishes and luck for 2011 to you too.

  2. Kanupriya

    January 12, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    Couldn’t agree more…Twitter and FB have killed (or maybe slowly killing) blogging.

  3. Roop Rai

    January 25, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    Ima victim too. 😦 Haapy noo yr, love.

  4. Brijesh

    February 1, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    Now if only there was a way to “like” and “share” this post


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