A little bit of conversation

16 May

For the life me I cant write. Just cant. I have a thousand ideas but nothing seems to translate into words.

Some how to overcompensate I am dreaming vivid, 3-D, Eastman color dreams. Like yesterday it was a fantasy that could give Tolkien a run for his money-there were big gigantic mythical creatures and I was trying to escape them. Maybe it was just too much Star Movies. Today I dreamt of World War 3 no less. May be I am the reincarnate of Nostradamus and need to document all this. One can never be too sure about these things.


Today I took the parents out to lunch. Thanks to getting up at 12, we reached Rajdhani at 3.15 where the usher happily told us we could wait for 45 minutes more and then eat leftovers (this is almost verbatim copy of what he said!) or try our luck elsewhere. Since a new MTR had opened in the same mall we went there.

The waiter quickly bought us plates which seemed to have last rubbed itself with any soap bar a eons ago and there was something green in my grape juice. After rubbing tissues venturously on the afore mentioned plates we waited for the food. And waited. And waited. Finally one by one the food arrived. Such was the taste, such were the flavors that even at gun point such brilliance wouldnt go down my throat. And trust me when I say I have very low benchmark when it comes to food. If  I dont find a food edible in most probability it isnt. My poor parents.. how we swallowed bits and pieces of that trash due to the blinding hunger. We looked like a scene from a bad Sajid Khan humor movie.

Sufficient to say the next time around I would scrape the bottom of Rajdhani’s thali than enter MTR.


There is a whole leaning tower of Pisa situation happening at my bedside with unread books that I seem to keep buying.I bought two more today which seem interesting-one is “The immortals of Meluha” and other is the “Girl with the dragon tattoo”. Both are parts of a trilogy so lets see how that goes.

Also friend and I are re planning the canceled vacation with more josh for July except our initial destination would be horribly monsoon struck. I want to do something adventurous like a budget trip across SE Asia. However that requires a lot of planning, a lot visas and at least a couple of  weeks holiday. None of which is currently available. We have a couple of places narrowed down but nothing is making me giddy with excitement. I mean the fun of traveling is the planning, the last minute goof ups, the running helter-skelter and finally plonking on bed dead tired and unable to move a limb. I mean of all the trips I have had till now these are the only things I seem to recall and not the scenic beauty and awesomeness of any place. But I think my friend would take lazing next to a beach over running around an airport, so we might go in for one of the package trips.


Time really is malleable. Like Friday seems forever to take, but Mondays-a whole different story.Look at it now,shameless thing-already poisoning my Sunday eve!


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2 responses to “A little bit of conversation

  1. Mumbai Diva

    May 19, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    read ‘girl with the dragon tattoo’ some time back. pretty gripping.

    i know, i need a holiday too. in fact was just drafting a post on that.

    i used to love the activity bhara holidays. Now just give me a flight, one swanky destination with awesome swimming pool, preferably next to a beach and i’m all set. Getting old!

  2. Banjo

    May 26, 2010 at 12:10 am

    I need to see that Tower of Pisa 🙂


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