Paisa haath ka dhool

13 Feb

or so I have to believe because somehow my savings remain miraculously zero month after month.After month.

How do I do this is beyond my analytical capability (itna Quant aata to aaj IIMA ke passout hote, Europe based consulting firm main kaam karte)

Anyhow not a small part of my salary goes to paying for the” dream job for drivers “. You see when I had brought a shining new vehicle and was driving one day, minding my own business a bullet riding fellow suddenly had the urge to land on my lap-through the door. The impact was so huge there was a hole in the left passenger door. Yes and I had to replace the door of my then 2 weeks old vehicle. So now I have this fellow (at the insistance of my folks) who sits next to me while I drive and keeps giving gyaan like chalo madam-slow madam-accelerate madam. I would have laughed at the comedy in the scenario if I werent paying him a bomb for this 1 hour advice everyday.

Also since mom and dad have a put a pause on unneccessary shopping I have been diverting those funds to buying books as if all bookshops will disappear overnight. I start every new book almost as soon as I reach home.The new book smell is intoxicating. Then after chapter 3 it lies by my bedside for me to read the rest. There is a miniature leaning tower of Pisa situatuin happening there which is a testimonial to the number of books I have started and left alone. The only two books I did finish in the new year are

  • Hossini’s “A Thousand Splendid Suns”, a brilliant follow up on The Kiterunner-describing the story of 2 women as Afghanistan transitions from monarchy to short lived socialism to Soviet inavsion to finally Taliban’s rule. A lot of people have described it as depressing but I felt the message was of hope. For a better tomorrow.
  • Sidin Vadukut’s  “Dork”. Its funny, irreverent and paisa vasool. I was bit apprehensive about the whole blogger turned writer after “My friend sancho”‘s anti climax.

Also I bought Dork via Flipkart and lets say I was thrilled. I got a discount, book was in top notch condition and they delivered within 4 working days. When I told this to a friend, she introduced me to a fantastic library instead-Just books. They have multiple locations and a good collection, so Bangloreans would want to check it out. But I love new books, I love their smell, I love their touch, I love seeing them on my bedside or in the shelf so Crosswords/landmarks underlying volume growth will continue.

I am currently reading “Lolita” by Nobokov and the book is making me really, really uncomfortable. Its like reading the minds of those peverted “uncles” who hit on young girls-which is pretty much what the story is about. There is also Bridges of Madison County and Pahmuk’s Snow to go through and Shantaram which I have been trying to finish for over an year now I think.

Inexplicably I have ballooned again over last few months. My trousers had been protesting for sometime which I attributed to everything from heavy lunch, water retention to PMS. But finally I was going through some snaps of Innovative filmcity (India’s err…answer to Sentosa?) and I kept searching for myself till I realised you know that big fat face in the centre was mine. So I sneakily got on a weighing machine soon after and yes the numbers didnt lie-am back to 2008-nice south indian actress plumpness. So I dejectedly walked back to renew my membership at the gym next door. I think since the entire Bangalore has decided to work out as well, the gym is literally overflowing with people. In our aerobics class where we are packed like sardines and expected to jump and run around,the 6 footer in front of me landed me a few punches in all his enthusiasm. I returned the favor the next day by stomping on his foot. Twice. He has since maintained his distance.

Now I need to think of a good ending to this post. Not happening on an empty stomach in the morning. So got to go now,ciao!


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2 responses to “Paisa haath ka dhool

  1. Arpz

    February 15, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    takes all the cares babes, and do schedule a meet up in your hectic schedule, wat with book reading and gymming and weight checking and office and all that … we should really meet up, given we are in the same city.

  2. Mumbai Diva

    March 17, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    1. Join I think they are available in bangalore too.
    2. Start an SIP. Every month a predetermined x amount will get invested.



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