Elementary my dear WSW!

26 Jan

I saw Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes today. I had at some point in my life-I think class 8th to be precise read through the entire volume of Arthur Conan Doyle’s series. And Ritchie has totally turned my imagination on its head. I had never imagined Holmes to have joined a fight club for hobby and somehow I always imagined Watson as this “healthy” jolly doctor not a lean and mean wise cracking Jude Law(who on an aside I have always found ehmm very desirable, even with the receding hairline). I totally loved the movie. To see 221 Baker Street, the old world Holmes deduction based on logic unlike the cutting edge CSI’s of today. And I loved the humor.

Thrillers were my chosen genre for majority of my growing up years. I first read through Famous Five, then came the obsession with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Nancy Drew was my aspiration-she was smart, total kickass not to mention good looking and had Ned Nickerson for a boyfriend. So closely did we follow her adventures that I remember dicussing her break up with Ned in one of the Nancy Drew files cases with my friend S the entire lunch break.
Soon a time came when I could predict the villian before Nancy could and it was time to move on to Jeffrey Archers and Robert Ludlums. I wanted to be a terribly attractive and brilliant doctor as I raced through Robin Cook’s latest or a criminal lawyer who took on life-threatening cased a-la John Grisham’s heroes.

For some one whose life was restricted beyond words to a 2 room flat, I lived vicariously through these heroes and heroines from another’s imagination as they leaped frog over dangers, encountered villians who would stoop to any level and displayed heroism beyond words to have a last chapter happy ending.

With age and freedom now I read about battered housewives and other chronicles of our lives and times. I dont remember the last thriller I read-I guess it would have been “the Da-Vinci Code” some 4 years ago.

But seeing one of my favorite heroes on screen brought back such fond memories. I really wish they would make “The hound of Baskerville”-my first Holmes novel and perhaps the first adult thriller I ever read.


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2 responses to “Elementary my dear WSW!

  1. Rohit

    January 26, 2010 at 11:10 am

    First off, new page template? Nice.

    I didn’t like the movie too much. It’s Americanized. It’s in that genre of movies, where the hero saves the world (meaning America) from evil. I never remember apna Sherlock solving cases which were of that magnitude.

    The character of Holmes, in the movie, was a mixture of himself, Jack Sparrow and Robert Langdon.

  2. Arpz

    January 29, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    touche about the books read. As for the movie, Im yet to watch it 😦


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