To wake up or not!

18 Oct

I have what my friends call an irritating habit, I read up on a movie before I watch it. But I like it. It makes me understand a movie better, because there are certain things in a review which click only when you watch a movie. Its those small ‘aha’ moments that I enjoy a lot.

Wake Up Sid has got mostly favorable reviews by critics but majority of my friends found it boring and predictable. As for me-I think it had its moments but not enough to make the cut.

There is Sid, your average aimless Joe who finds direction and discovers love in the course of the movie. There are genuinely-too close for comfort scenes like when he admonishes his mom for constantly lecturing and then gives her one more tee-shirt to fold. Or even his confrontation with his Dad. But these Oh-I-av-been-there realism is marred by this fantasy element where a new girl in Mumbai takes on a stranger to live with her although their relationship is strictly platonic, where this new girl sets up and decorates a new home ‘before’ even getting a job and that of an editor’s assistant at a niche magazine, where Sid greatest challenge towards realising life is tough is to learn to boil an egg!

Its not gritty-it moves at this predictable pace. Its not bad,the problem is its not good either.

Ranbir is very good as this child-man you want to slap and cuddle at the same time. At some level I thought the character and the actor must have had a similar childhood should have helped.(I thought only I viewed this casting in such a manner, but so did one of my best friends). And yes we have a first time plus size friend who isnt reduced to a comic caricature-in fact Lakshmi is as real as friends come. Some how Konkana’s role seems a more cardboard version of her role in ‘Luck by Chance’-it was a sort of deja vu for me.

Over all I would say no harm done in catching it on DVD.

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2 responses to “To wake up or not!

  1. Smita

    October 18, 2009 at 11:18 pm

    I have a habit of googling about the plot if am not aware beforehand this happens specially when am watching a hollywood nonvie πŸ˜€ as far as wake up is concerned. I didn’t hate the movie but as you couldn’t agree to it either. Few people had told me that as i’ve stayed alone i’ll relate to it. But then after watching it i told them that as i had stayed alone i couldn’t relate to it. It took me three plus years of working to set up my own home anyways totally agree with your review πŸ™‚ And i fell in love with ranbir’s cuteness

  2. Atlee

    October 27, 2009 at 8:18 am

    I came back home missing my mom in the movie.
    The mom-son relationship was very real…

    and Konkona was a dhabba on Kolkata πŸ˜‰

    other than that…it was a breezy popcorn movie


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