New poft!

27 Sep

Its been over a month since I have updated my blog. It would be silly to say I was busy finding a place to live, supervising ABAP code changes and jet setting (ahemm..) to write a single line. If you love something badly enough you would find time to accommodate it. Apparently I prefer living in my MS Outlook to any other activity in this world if my past month is anything to go by.

So I have taken this apartment which is fully furnished and am paying a bomb for it causing for much “look who moved to a penthouse” like jokes among friends. Some how its hard to make others understand how I have always wanted to have my own place and decorate it the way I want(Right now the place is done up the way the house owners wife wants though) and live the way I want.

As I have often told people around me-I am living my adolescence in my twenties.

Moving is tough. Post movement cleaning is tougher. And buying a pressure cooker is the toughest. So you do what an independent, strong woman of today does. Call the parents.

So they are here. Mother is feeding multiple meals whose sum exceeds 3 during the day because even in my current rhino like avatar I appear like Ethopian citizen to her. One can only see what one wants to see. Now if the rest of the world also saw the Kate Moss proportions where Guddi  Maruti exists (Guddi who? Here is who. Yes I am an 90s child).

The work is picking up pace. Which means no time to chuckle over forwards and no sly surfing web world in minimized windows. Hell I don’t even log into gtalk these days. I am currently living the paradigm of “work expands to fill all available time”.

I am watching a lot of TV though. I am totally addicted to Khatron ke Khiladi where you have awesome stunts punctuated by English as can only be spoken by Khiladi Kumar.

Also managed to catch an episode of India’s answer to CSI-the almost gazillion year old CID. ACP Pardyuman , Daya and Abhijeet  still rule roost as do cutting edge sleuthing techniques like carrying around evidence like weapon of murder to suspects home and of course the slap by a CID inspector which is a precursor to every  suspect’s confession of guilt.

Also late night every respectable channel does what is expected of respectable TV channels. Run teleshopping ads where one can “melt away excess fat” by drinking Dr.tea or cure the evil eye by wearing the “Nazar Suraksha kawach”(this is one TVC you shouldn’t miss, unfortunately couldn’t find it on youtube-but buri nazarred rays coming out of people’s eyes-awesome SFX!!)

Then again its tough to decide whether I should watch this or an hour of India TV to soothe them overworked nerves.

I have also recently discovered tumblr and am loving it. As if I needed another place to post whats happening in my life in addition to this blog+twitter+facebook+orkut+gtalk.

PS: title shows I think Kaminey was awesomeness on 70mm. The laughing fit I fell into when Charlie goes “manhoof” or the sing song confession from Guddu cant be described in words. The boy finds this purposeful lisping I have been doing ever since very very fupid 😛


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2 responses to “New poft!

  1. Sarsij

    September 28, 2009 at 9:49 am

    In Charlie’s words…….This post is a muFt read… 🙂 nice comeback.

  2. Smita

    September 29, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    hello fuperwoman!!! 😀 Good to see something from ur keyboard 🙂

    So you have been setting up ur home!! It is one of the most tiring but overwhelming process specially if being down on our own 🙂

    And lol on ur TV recap 😀


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