A set of updates

09 Aug
  • My twitter account refuses to update. Hence this collection.
  • “GI Joe” is like a 2 hour video game. “Up” is damn cool (like other pixar movies!) and am yet to see “love aaj kal”
  • I chose a 320 GB ext drive over a black 500GB one because it was available in a chic red color.
  • I bought Jessica Simpson’s signature perfume. Its like spraying candy on self but nice.
  • I took a cab today and the driver misunderstood the direction and removed the extra fare incurred *on his own*. Thats what I love about this city. I wouldnt mind making it my home if that were possible.
  • Something seriously freaky happened to me the other day. It felt like experiencing X files in real life.
  • Am sick of eating in McD and Subway. Subway not so much still I miss having a meal. No dont ask me to cook.
  • My sinus/sneezing problem has completely disappeared. Only someone who has experienced this discomfort can understand the relief I am feeling. The thought of pollen layered Bangalore isnt nice at all.
  • Am scared of the excess baggage I will end up paying. Why on earth did i buy bedsheets?

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3 responses to “A set of updates

  1. SG

    August 10, 2009 at 12:27 am

    And abhi to you havent packed what you are getting for me ;P

  2. Smita

    August 10, 2009 at 9:16 am

    “I took a cab today and the driver misunderstood the direction and removed the extra fare incurred *on his own*” ????


    What freaky thing girl??

    And I can understand the relief you must have got out of coming out sinus. Two weeks back I had sinus attack, gosh!!! for one week I was in such a pain!!!!

    Pssst!!! Start cooking 😛

  3. Smita

    August 10, 2009 at 9:27 am

    You won’t believe what I did last week. A blogger with an ID d_gypsy comments in my posts and is as passionate about books as we are. Now her ID is quite similar to yours i.e. d_grail and dunno how but I got confused. I had a books sharing woe to exchange so i though lemme get in touch with you.

    I got in touch with “that” girl soooper confident I was. Two replies later I realized my folly!!! 😀 I said something about things we have in common and shopping is one of them. That poor girl isn’t even a shopaholic!!!! Gosh!!! I am so embarrassed now I can’t even tell her she is not whom I wanted to contact!!!


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