Exercising my fundamental right to spew trash..

16 Mar

…is what a lot of bloggers do.

I understand that the essence of blogging is personal opinion and user generated content. I also understand that if I do not like the thoughts put forward by a particular author, there is always top right-red cross-left click. And yet couple of things have really riled me up.

Today I read a post on one blog which made me seethe. I am used to some bias in all views because we are humans and with life prejudices are unavoidable. But the vitriol this woman spewed was unbelievable. If one has been exposed to only one side of the story and that makes one hate the other side well great but when one puts up one’s opinions for the world to see there will be people who will not agree with you. You might have enabled comment moderation and allow only comments nodding in agreement with you through . After writing a hateful passage full of running down a group of people you are asking commentators to not make personal attacks.If I had the desire to waste my precious energy I would have torn her arguments to shreds one by one .If one cant suggest improvements to a defective system it is a  fate of their own making to suffer through it.

Over the past few days I have also come across another unique class of bloggers who advice on improving “game”-that is to get maximum bangs for minimum bucks(literally and figuratively). Though most of them are US based the misogynist views presented is shocking. And even more shocking is the millions of daily hits and hundreds of comments these bloggers get. There is this blogger who has written an entire series on why women need to be beaten because that’s what they secretly love in their men.Sample Rihanna.Although in all this drivel he made a suggestion that seemed to make sense in a twisted way. Supersuccessful women like Rihanna who choose out of their free will to go back/shield an abuser need to be socially castigated as much as the men who attacked them.

Going through so many half baked blogs with pathetic grammar and content is hard enough. To see talented writers expose their prejudices so bluntly is harder.

But then thats what I guess we have the bright X red button for.

PS: Not providing any links!

PS2: Roo’s post on nothing remains hidden on the internet is so true. While social network stalking( :D) someone I knew I stumbled across the profile of this blogger I frequently read. The shock of unearthing someone’s real identity (the blogger uses a pseudonym) was akin to watching a movie after reading the book!Not always like your expectations!


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6 responses to “Exercising my fundamental right to spew trash..

  1. Smita

    March 16, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    Girl! Smile & click on that cross. No unknown blogger is worth so much thoughts. Yes things like those quoted by you are frustrating but then as i said not worth it…

  2. Bullshee

    March 17, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    Come on! Post the link! Lemme see!! Lemme see!!!

    And is the uncovered blogger the same who wrote the scathing post?

  3. WSW

    March 17, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    yeah this was a totally heat of the moment post.Felt silly later but decided against taking it down.

    @Bullshee ways!! googling for the “playah” blogger is easy!
    No they are different people!My detective work was on a very popular blogger, while Ms.scathing post is not yet there.

  4. Roop Rai

    March 18, 2009 at 8:04 am

    u kno wha … like we end up expecting from people exactly what we give ’em, same tends to happen in blogworld too subconsciously.

    u blog for yourself and not to cultivate a following. u blog because when you have something to write. you don’t force yourself to blog when u don’t have anything to say or u dont have anything to say. u are not concerned about hits. u are not concerned about comments. ur own writing reigns supreme for u.

    i am exactly like u too …. and somewhere down the line, i guess i started expecting that from ppl in a way too.

    but i found it to be completely diff than my set of expectations.

    ppl crave attention, ppl write for attention, ppl live in this virtual world for that attention … there is a lot of patting each other’s back to reach that ‘popularity’ status … and then it doesnt matter what u write, people will come to ur page as a habit.

    what’s the result though? u get ur temporary high … then waht? a book deal surely aint comin knockin’ ur way. but i guess ‘temporary high’ is enough for plenty many. that is something difficult for me to contemplate. yeh i read blogs these days, i comment … but i really havent had a life for the past few weeks. i dont have much to do except sit and stare in front of computer. but i can’t imagine an existence just restricted to internet and blogworld … if i was actually living.

    am i making sense ….. blah. never mind me. hehe

    blogworld just replicates life. different strokes for different folks. it’s very interesting to study.

    just this morning i was thinking while visiting a blog which gets 100+ comments … that the blogger really is a totally pretentious, borderline obnoxious person … i guess that’s what people like in a leader. people like being told off. people like to look into and read into lives of those who they think they can never imitate … in terms of bitchiness i presume.

    it’s a very interesting petridish!!! 🙂

  5. WSW

    March 18, 2009 at 10:31 am


    That was a complete blogpost. I suggest you put it at banalities!! 🙂


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