To shaadi ke kya plans hain?

10 Jan

I fight the urge to say shaadi ke plans to shaadi hi jaane,but I bite my tongue and smile foolishly.
What can you do if every virtual and real conversation begins with “hey, hows work?” and then proceeds to “so when are you guys getting married?”
What do you do when slowly your network of friends (in Orkut and Facebook) have newly created albums showing they have:
1. Got married
2. Moved abroad
3. Got married and moved abroad

Till now no one in my close or childhood friends circle was married. But by end of 2008, even that barrier was broken with the girl we least associated with domesticity tying the knot. The problem is in my head my school friends are still in their divided skirt, white shirts with school logos and white canvas shoes. I cant imagine them as women with husbands and children! A BF is the farthest I can stretch my imagination to.
And the campus couples, again trouble imagining them setting up a home and become husband-wife. This is a mystery because one does get used to seeing them together but somehow matrimony has a ring of finality that’s a little disconcerting. Maybe because then I can never go “Guess who we saw at the movie hall the other day arm in arm with Miss Z” and “will they/wont they” with them.

Of course not all stories end happily. Many people who were together for years are now married to completely different individuals because their parents thought its more important that traditions like aloo ke paranthe for breakfast are more important to uphold than who their child wants to spend his/her life with.

Then there are the trusted arranged marriages as well.

The kahani main twist is that despite so many friends getting married and almost an invite a week in shaadi season, I have not attended a single, I repeat a single marriage. Shame on me.

As for my shaadi plans, Ann has hit the nail on the head when she says, in times of recession I don’t plan any extravagant spending!


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3 responses to “To shaadi ke kya plans hain?

  1. Arpz

    January 12, 2009 at 12:17 pm

    I will NEVER be able to write such a post in my life now.

    (as for the change in the post – well some words are better erased … sometimes you write something in the throes of one emotion (man, that phrase is so M&Bish :D) and you realise that it isnt a good move to put it up there, esp when u are getting married.

  2. Ann

    January 12, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    i know who we are referring to here :~D ….but i also gave u a reason to get married in recession- time for each other-leading to nagging-post recession no more complaints abt ‘give time to our marriage’

  3. sugandh

    January 13, 2009 at 9:55 am

    Dhivya very bad!! I know who u were talking about!! My sweet ‘lil’ frends 😉

    n hey im not married!! hahahahahha….although i couldnt agree more wd wat u ave written here!!


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