How WSW learnt there are no free lunches

03 Jan

Once I made a salary account one of the words of wisdom the father bestowed on me was “Please don’t blow the whole thing on clothes”

Hmphh..why would I, I though slightly insulted at the suggestion. There are shoes, bags, earrings- a whole lot of junk I can pay through my nose and then conveniently forget I possess, why on earth would I limit myself to clothes.

Anyhow, life progressed and once out of the sales stint I went and paid my weekly obeince to the great shopping mall at whatever city I was in.

So this birthday we proceeded to eZone to buy ourselves a camera. Being extremely tech savy ( I had once pounded the desk top to get it working) I had left all the decision making process like model, specifications to the BF. Who being at cutting edge of technology asked the salesgirl one specific Sony cybershot model. The girl pleaded ignorance of the existence of any such device. Our troubles had begun. Since I took to photography like fish take to a clean patch of concrete at mid day sun, we didn’t want the fancy Nikon/Olympus and Canon. We wanted autofocus, some zoom capability (optical we heard was better) and some megapixels more than the cellphone camera. Obviously Cybershot appeals to people like me because I was really taken in by the concept of “it clicks when you smile”(later experimentation revealed, a Mona Lisa smile doesn’t work, you need to give them damn jaws a total hanger in the mouth workout for anything near a click)

So coming back to the point this purchase entitled us to an assured gift and some coupons and 6% off on the next purchase. We swelled up at being smart shoppers and risked taking off from mother Earth with our heads taking the place of hot air balloon.

We were then told our free gift is a casserole. (Mumma, surprise!). The coupons were for other Biyani enterprises with offers like “Shop for 5000 and get 100 off!!”We didn’t lose hope there was still the 6%. The BF wanted a new phone,the smart type which burn a hole through your pocket and even damage them Jockeys and genitelia a bit. “Imagine” I said. “30k phone, you will save a good 1.5-2k”. So happily girl and boy went to cash counter and as boy paid, girl stood around reading the fine print.

1. This offer is not valid on mobile phones.

2. The value of the coupon will be 6% of current purchase(aka 500 bucks)

3. The coupon can be redeemed for any purchases of 1000 and above.

“Err honey….”

Now, I am quite the thrifty save a paisa types. So when I book a flight ticket I refer to Makemytrip, Cleartrip and the airways website and then proceed to book. Also since I still possess only my student credit card of ahemm..10k limit I am supercareful of what I book. So when a friend told me about ezeego1 which offered some assured cash back on almost all airlines my ICICI credit card and I did a small jig as I opened the site. It worked like this. You do your booking on certain airline through the site on an ICICI card and you get a code. The sum of the digits of the code will be the discount you get on the “basic” fare.It can be upto 100%, but to date no in my circle has exceeded 10%. Of course 10% on the basic fare which is usually 1-1.5k isn’t much but at this point I want you to go back to the start of the paragraph where I informed you I am the thrifty types. So I looked at some flights and identified an Indigo flight””(to) and chose Spicejet(for). I booked Indigo through a friends account (due to credit limit on CC) and went ahead with the Spicejet booking with own account. After necessary waiting I found myself looking at an Indigo ticket instead of Spicejet. Now I had 2 tickets from the same portal and for the same flight. Immediately I pressed cancel. Too late. Cancellation charges will be deducted. Helpline was contacted.

“But madam you have made the booking. If you had problem using internet you could have called us. We would have done it for you. ”

I lost it then. All my arguments that I chose a different flight and that why on earth would I book the same flight twice, were met by the telecaller repeating “I am sorry madam but 750 will be deducted because you have made the booking”.

After much arguing and shouting at maximum lung capacity, the supervisor of the automon took the call. After assuring me of thoroughly looking into the matter, we made truce.

After repeated calls by different gentlemen from the same portal and promises of looking into technical log, it may have got stored in the shopping cart and like the duplicate ticket was cancelled and 750 deducted for the same. Not only that, 200 rupees as service charge for ezeego1 and 300 rupees because I had booked under the cash back scheme were also deducted. All this for the 150 I wanted to save in the first place!

So this is how we learnt lesson number one for 2009: There are no free lunches in this world.

Edited to add: Ezeego1’s response after mail 1

Firstly please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you due to the delay of your refund.

We are pleased to inform that cancellation refund has been processed from our end. We however request you to reconfirm the same with your bank. Following are the details regarding the refund for your perusal.

We have also checked with our technical team regarding the duplicate booking. They had clarified that the booking was done on Indigo only.

Their response after threatening legal action

Greetings from Ezeego1!

Kindly give us some time as we are checking the same with the concerned team.

We solicit your continued patronage and assure you the best of our services at all times.


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4 responses to “How WSW learnt there are no free lunches

  1. Neo Kluber

    January 4, 2009 at 6:45 am

    hehe nice post grail! Try to save pennies and lose pounds, happens to all!

  2. Rohit

    January 5, 2009 at 10:44 am

    If the duplicate tickets were booked with no faults of yours, I would suggest that you first (verbally) threaten that you will take ezeego1 to consumer court. After that, you email the customer care, someone in ezeego1’s managerial staff,and technical staff, telling them what happened and that consumer court is just a step away.

    If they don’t listen, go to the consumer court and execute your threat.

  3. chandni

    January 8, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    sigh! hs happened to me too..I got bailed out as a friend knew someone working at the site…

    I suggest you put all that happened in an email and send it to them and use the consumer court argument as suggested by rohit….should work!

    go get ur money back!

  4. sugandh

    January 9, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    Dhivya!! i was feeling really low today for some reason (wld rather msg bout dat) but this post made me laugh my brain out!!! n yeah me like rohits idea…


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