Do hazaar aath aka 2008

29 Dec

First time a round up of the year with me as centre of universe. Have never really sat and recounted a year (Got inspiration from Rohit this time). Have never really made new year resolutions either, so lets try both this time around.

Jan : New year with a bang! Got into dream company vs dream profile confusion. Chose dream company, which in hindsight turned out to be a very very right decision.

Feb: Started fight for passport in earnest. Finally a month of constant badgering, jack lagana was confirmed an Indian citizen born in Kanpur instead of Kannur. Sat at home and piled on 5 kgs. Thank you Dominoes and Haldiram.

March: Lived in Bangalore for the first time and hated it. 335E became part of life. First encounter wit the species called Bangalore auto drivers. Began the obsessive collecting of books and downing of Death by chocolate at Corner House. Gained another 3 kgs. Western wear started getting cobwebs as I hid in sack like kurtas.

April: Started traveling on Jet Airways/Kingfisher on company money, a leg up from Go-Air regular. Started spending own money. Mindlessly though. Moved blog from blogger to wordpress some 3 years after starting it. Gifted a Casio watch-my first expensive(!) gift.

May: Joined the company as management trainee. Got packed to rural Bengal on sales stint. Living standards reached new depths. Hanging out of jeep understood the uselessness of fat pay package and the importance of caramel popcorn and Shoppers Stop.

June: Continued existence as above. Learnt to identify bus signs in Bengali and became expert pillion rider of 100 cc bikes on dirt roads. Worked till 11pm for the first time in life. Decided sales isn’t my cup of Darjeeling.

July: Went to Chennai. Visited Pondicherry. Moved to Goa. On work to a factory. In monsoons.

August: Saw the beaches. Visited Titos. No crowd-full time rain. Met accented English speaking hawkers. APJ gave away degrees on convocation. First class, some twenty something rank.Wore the black graduation dress with great joy since graduation degree had come on mail. Unfortunately no hat throwing.

September: Unfortunate incident at guest house in Goa. Moved to Bangalore. Rural stint. Vijaya Bank became second home and the cabbie my best friend. He even invited me to his house for some festival. Saw Rock On and A Wednesday. Fell in love with Farhan Akhtar. Slowly warmed upto the prospect of making Bangalore home in a years time.

October: Mumbai-locals. Wadala. HO. Fair and lovely. Joined the gym. Started portion control. Lost 4 kgs. Finally could wriggle into old clothes and throw away Fab India’s shapeless clothes.

November: Corporate Accounts. Hit a wall in the gym and weight refused to budge.Terror attacks in Mumbai, life came to a standstill-rather glued to TV for 3 days. Scared to step out.

December: Fell ill. Cough.Cold.Headache.Body pain.Fever.Ulcers in mouth. In that order. Couldn’t speak for a week due to acute case of ulcers. It was birthday week.Got Sony Cybershot for birthday. Also sexy peeptoes. And though skinny jeans by New Years isn’t happening, figure-hugging straight fit is. Finally BMI moves from healthy to normal. Read Manjula Padnabhan’s Escape and Aravind Adiga’s White Tiger and finally finished Zoya Factor. All 3 good.

No plans for New Year yet. Regular programming will resume soon. Be good the coming year!


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3 responses to “Do hazaar aath aka 2008

  1. Atul

    December 29, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    nice post…tera concept churane ka mann kar raha hai 😀

    now since I have commented…pls return the favor 🙂

  2. Ann

    December 30, 2008 at 12:23 am

    December 2008- meeting the old fat friend in mahim still didnt happen :~D

  3. Anirban

    December 30, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    A well-done round-up. A good read.


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