Yet another terror attack

26 Nov


9pm:Guest House

10pm: Dad:Shootout at Colaba kuch inter-gang rivalry


10.30pm: “Dance pe chance maar le”

10.35pm:Aaj Tak. CNN-IBN. Star News.

1.30am:Aaj Tak.CNN-IBN. Star News.

I dont know what to feel or think. To know where its happening. Areas I cross almost everyday. To think of the Taj which I had seen atop the ferry on Saturday and sighed at the beauty. Thinking it was any day a better sight than Gateway of India. Watching it burn.

To think of the people in the waiting room at CST which turned into a morgue.
Taj where the board of the Co were put up and finally have come out at 5am according to fellow MTs.

The hijacked police van which fired on civilians.

Watching Hemant Karkare getting briefed and wearing a helmet yesterday night. Thinking that he seems like a big shot who would probably never get a hair out of place. Waking upto the news of his death.

This is fucked up beyond measure. Its too close for comfort. Almost personal.Feeling emotional as if sadness has torn the indifference one develops to these attacks.

Mumbai has stopped for a day. My city has stopped to hold its breath.

Tomorrow maybe it will be business as usual.

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One response to “Yet another terror attack

  1. Neo Kluber

    November 28, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    I agree grail, this attack is very personal for everyone even for people like me so far away. I can’t help but wonder why didn’t it end within a few hours? We can build missiles and Chandrayan but have we forgotten to prepare a good emergency response plan or better weapons for our police force?
    Our dear Mumbai will definitely bounce back to life and Taj and Oberoi will get their glory back very soon I’m sure about that.


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