A guest post

19 Nov

The BF who has been selling (non-selling..heh heh..) products at non descript places wrote this in our daily office thread, duly reproduced here

My only message for the day 😦
Hi ppl .. I am jealous of those of you with the office jobs.
let me try to paint something for you …
my new town .. *******.
Vidhan Sabha elections are around the corner. I see huge waves of people going around in these open jeeps shouting ” Babu Seet zindabad, mohar lagegi haath par” .. its a different issue ki unke haath ki mohar kabhi-kabhi aas pass ke loggo par lag jaati hai .. and there are fights happening across the region.
Nano Streets, open drains, bullock carts. Small kids, with a sparkle in their eye, shitting in the open.
Black Market ka one point hub .. parallel black economy is so damn obvious .. people speak the launguage of “do number”.
Chambhal ki ghaati is just 50 Kms away .. all distribution centres are owned by once-ghodde-vale-dakku.
My complete sales team has some or the other relations with these ex-gundas/current gundas.
1 year back  Area Sales Executive was locked in a room and beaten badly. Those days we were a new business and distributors didnt like to invest in us. Things though have improved for some bsinesses. Others ram bharose.
After all mangaing monopoly is shaan ka kaam, managing new born business is jaan ka kaam.
Then .. kabhi-kabhi in the day, I get to see your chain mails .. & trust me, I dont have the frame of mind to reply to them. Dont take it as arrogance or something else but it is difficult to explain what this FMCG training is like .. WSW has a reference in her kolkatta stint, so usko toh pata leta hun 🙂
Thanks for jheloing the above .. was dying to write sme bakar 🙂
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