My resiliance and my spirit

26 Oct

I am a citizen of the Independent, democratic free country of India and yet each day when I step out of my home there is no guarentee I would return to the comfortable bed and Tv remote in the evening

  • As festival time nears, and the markets get crowded I cannot dare to pick up the bag dropped by the stranger walking in front of me, because I could get blown to bits.
  • The big bulky security guards in the local/metro stations look around as people jostle and run towards locals, a million bags between them. Oh there are security gates which beep as every individual passes through it. Frankly I do not know what it would do to alert security guards if it detects a bomb. Since it beeps pretty regularly and is ignored, my assumption is a loud siren or shouting out “bomb!bomb!”. I on the hand do my bit by running in and out of station as fast as my body weight will allow trampling over some and praying hard.
  • I should stay at my native place and look for jobs there so what if the state has gone to the pits thanks to self righteous leaders, so what if I do not identify a bit with the people there thanks to never having lived there, so what if I am over qualified for anything the state has to offer me, that doesnt give me the right to go to another part of my country and try looking for a job there and maybe edge out the locals there.
  • Because Malls, them with their water tight security check will let me in directly to Shoppers Stop if I go via parking lot.
  • Because the taxi driver I flag at the airport can drive off to a deserted place, ask for my ATM card and PIN and pump a couple of bullets into me. Of course I would have bought it on myself being adventurous and traveling alone in the first place.

I understand that leading a country is tough work and its always easy to point fingers. I mean the effort it must take to get 70+ kgs of cake and a couple of thousand rent-a-crowd to populate parks and stop traffic.Ohh and to build bigger statues!

Now if only you had the balls to travel in locals and shop in bazaars like the great Indian middle class. Yeah the same one showing incredible amount of courage, resilience and spirit to bounce back to work the next day after a series of riots/blasts and credited with giving a resounding slap on terror mongers face. You see there is this concept of salary account which gets credited only when one puts in a certain number of hours. Really it isnt so much about the spirit as the stomach.


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3 responses to “My resiliance and my spirit

  1. Vaibhav Shintre

    October 28, 2008 at 6:13 am

    Hmm…do u really call 3 posts (out of which one is the declaration itself) a blogathon? ahem.

    n abt dat tag cloud on my blog…i have no clue from where did i get it…but as i remember, a simple search on Google-The GOD threw up many results… dat should help i guess…

    PS: i just observed how perfectly u’ve tagged this post… 😛

  2. sugandh

    October 29, 2008 at 12:44 am

    I know what u mean..Its becoming scarier by the day and dere is nothing anyone n i mean anyone is doing anything about it..u cant stop feeding ur family so u bludy well ave to get out of d house..scared/spirited!

  3. Kohl Girl

    November 19, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    Ha! Witty blog you have here…Don’t know if you’re interested in makeup/beauty but if you are, come check out my beauty blog for desi women at!


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