BLT Diaries: THE rural stint update and other stories

17 Sep

Anybody out there?No?Ohh I see you.Delurk.Delurk now.

Didnt have net access last two weeks. You know how bad that was?Like Tulsi Virani without her mangalsutra.So went and bought a plug and play connection and now I am going to have a very bad case of typing diarrhea. First bullet points update.

  • We finished the factory stint. It was as exciting as a walk in Thar desert at mid noon. We learnt valuable lesson that even “happening” places like Goa can be dampner if you go there a) during monsoons b) with 0 company.
  • Then we came to the famous, much bandied about rural stint. This has resulted in life changing experience for certain BLTs, for others it means watching Splitsvilla on MTV at the chummery (which can be life changing in its own way). of course I am no way hinting I am doing the latter.
  • I am involved with the Shakti program. For the entire day I work with women who earn anywhere between 500-1500 for a month of hardwork. They are further saddled with alcoholic, non working husbands or maybe are widows with 2-3 daughters approaching marriageable age. I come home and watch Carrie and her gang on SATC in their world of Jimmy Choos and casual sex. Difficult to believe often its the same specie I am watching.
  • My project involves raising micro-finance for these enterprenuers. However bank managers are far more interested in my education qualifications and how much I earn. Very very dicey playground that.
  • I get a car to travel so no more hanging onto dear life on trekkers, buses or cattle. Colored glasses in the car gives you its own moments in our gaons. When balding uncle at red light decides to look into the glass and felao haath on remaining chaman, give shape to his teeka, and settle hair on moustache. After this impromptu grooming session is over, you quietly roll down the window and look ahead with perfectly straight face. Uncle will tie up the lungi double fast and walk while the face-color will resemble that of beetroot. or small children with broken tooth, running noses who will press onto the glass or run after the car. Or women who will push themselves in through the window and ask which gram you are from.
  • The village panchayat secretary who said he will do my work only if I come the next day but since I have a car with me, I may as well drop him home.
  • We are slowly accepting that we have for all practical purposes we have attained gol-matol behenji status. This is what happens when you pump nothing but junk into your system on weekends. Indijoes-cornerhouse-carmelpopcorn at Inox and you develop natural cushions which can make any seat a Gold class comfort.
  • We went into a Guess showroom populated with skinny-pianted-on-jeans and oversized-tee type of girls. The innards burnt with envy I tell you. So when no one was looking we quickly slipped with a slink fit into the dressing room. The effect of that trial was as good as this.
  • I havent gone home for 5 months now. Discounting a week long stay make that 7. Spent Onam eating masal dosa at a non descript highway hotel. Sob!
  • One Cafe Coffe Day every 10 kms on Bangalore-Mysore highway. And Baskin Robbins and McD. at Mandya? Why?
  • Villages visited so far : Chickbelapur, gauribidanaur, chickmaralli, hanakere, hathahalli, bannur,thornalli, jodipura, shivarpatna, barnalli, malyagodan koplu. Tomorrow Tumkur.
  • Saw couple of good movies. Rock on rocked. Despite the filmi masala. Despite Farhan Akhtar’s voice. It reminds of when life was about living your dreams and not student loan, car loan and house loan. The songs where nonsensically catchy-like rock songs are. I couldnt really decide whether to salivate more for Farhan, Arjun Rampal or Farhan’s home. Wasnt the home gorgeous?
  • And Farhan played i-banker in it. Just before Merril got lynched and Lehman got broken. Hmmm. All B-schools are worried about the placement scenario. Summers-Lehmann-PPO-New York-fat paycheck route seems temporarily closed. But one B-School must be getting sound nights sleep. Finally we alums can see and appreciate the foresight in being bombarded with FMCG companies and other “safe” sectors on Day 0 at alma mater.
  • Reading “IIM to Ganjdundwara” by Rohithari Rajan. Another one set on the BLT program. Liked “Earning the laundry stripes” by Manpreet Sodhi just a tad more. Maybe because it was the adventure of the first woman in big FMCG Co’s all boys sales club.
  • I av bought close to 14 books this year- 4 of which are currently lying bedside waiting to be read. including “The namesake”, “Everyone worth knowing”, The Zoya factor” and “Watch me Disappear”. All originals. I gave up buying pirated copies. The authors deserve it dont they? I am still open to downloading illegal music though. Madonna has enough money. hmph!

Have run out of steam. Breather. Then next post!


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5 responses to “BLT Diaries: THE rural stint update and other stories

  1. Anuj Bansal

    September 17, 2008 at 9:50 am

    goood one !! ..
    Prof. P actually foresee a lot of things 🙂

  2. Atlee

    September 17, 2008 at 10:14 am

    this one is like ndtv 10 mins news update 😀
    with special feature on fmcg…

    rock on was okie…songs terrific..hope to catc them live! soon

  3. s4ur4bh

    September 18, 2008 at 12:03 am

    Just when I was wondering if you are alive, here is another post.

    And trust me, from where I am, your work sounds like awesome fun .. !

  4. Arpz

    September 22, 2008 at 5:23 am

    Shit! you were in namma karnataka? we could have met up! missed that!

  5. WSW

    October 3, 2008 at 2:00 am

    To all

    am too lazy so just thanks for bothering to type an letting me know you read


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