The one in which we were the victim yet again

26 Aug

I hate that I sat on my bed shaking and crying for five minutes after he left.

I hate that I waited to be egged on by the BF to wake others up and report the matter.

I hate I saw him next morning packing his things.

I hate that he was there in the evening when I returned still packing.

I hate that I lived under the same roof for five weeks,eating the food he cooked,wearing the clothes he washed,depending on him for small things and had even figured out the tip I would leave.

I hate that my parents questioned my decision to get him fired,for fear of reprisal,for fear he may attack me while I am alone,on my way to work or coming back.

I hate waking up every hour to check if there is someone sitting at the foot of my bed.And come to work totally sleep deprived.

I hate I wont trust another caretaker in my life.

And I hate just a tiny microsm,being a woman.The victim.

PS:I am safe,no bodily harm just mental torture.

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