BLT Diaries: Aik aikai,life fulai!

08 Aug

There is a long clean stretch of road outside my window. Undulating, potholes-free it curves away to open into the road running along Miramar beach. Early morning people in jogging tracks and with their dogs dot the road. The weather has when not raining just the right amount of chill. The more adventurous even run on the beach sand.

I force open the eyes with fingers pulling the eyelid in opposite direction till the cornea and like can see the room. Brush. Shift to my so called jogging tracks(they are the only ones whose elastic still holds) and sports shoes (which by any stretch of imagination are not comfortable for any sporting activity), plonk them headphones(flinched from them Kingfisher airlines) and began my swift walk. Group of senior citizens overtake me in a bit and look back with the ‘look-what-McD-has-done-to-them’ stare.We are just warming up I tell myself and break into a jog. Then I catch speed. I begin to run. Faster.Faster.The wind rushes past my ears. The heart hammers wildly. The scenary flits past the corner of the eye. I run.And run.Till the heart seems about to burst. I look back at the distance covered.

Am standing 100m from where I started. oh well!

Every day I have a 45min drive from the guest house to the factory. The car drives along the Miramar beach, the Mandovi river and makes it way to Kundaim which is a hilly region. The landscape outside changes rapidly from sea to riverside to hills. As the factory nears we leave embark on climbing up mountain slope. I feel like rolling down the windows, playing loud jhintak Bollywood music and stop at every curiosity and click pictures. I feel like being a silly schoolgirl on holiday with friends.

The drive to factory is in a car pool with other managers of the factory. In silence.

I tell the manager I plan to work late. 2 minutes later he walks in on me ‘Oh so you sitting back to social network?’ I of course had maximised my IE page in secure comfort that he has left office after closing all my excels. Damn them glass walls!

PS: Title roughly means-suno suno,life khilao as in flowering and not food! What am I explaining?Just google it!

This BTW is view from where I sit at work!blame 2 mgpxl phone-camera for clarity issues.


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3 responses to “BLT Diaries: Aik aikai,life fulai!

  1. Retard

    August 8, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    Distill a girl with brilliant penmanship into a world trotting career woman and we get to read best seller memoirs material.

    I sympathize with the “The drive to factory is in a car pool with other managers of the factory. In silence.” Isn’t there a chance for alternate conveyance?

  2. Atlee

    August 14, 2008 at 5:22 am

    Hey Dhivya…

    great performance by Bindra…Kudos to him! He won, thanks to his concentration and hrd work put in all these yrs…But there was one thing which was never thrust upon him- PRESSURE…pressure to perform. I feel, the reason why Rathore lost was mainly due to the limelight he is facing after the silver medal(last olympics). Olympic sports are way different from cricket…where a 0 in a match can be compensated by a big hundred. Out here though, the diference between winning and losing is a mere 4 points, as in the case of Rathore. So, I feel…we should not make a big deal out of a loss…yes, a win must be savoured.

  3. WSW

    August 19, 2008 at 6:43 am


    as my friend pointed out we must do….oops GDs over 😛


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