My bonny baby

05 Aug

Jeet beat me to the post. But since seeing Nikita and Harsh Mehta in today’s paper all I felt was to go out and hug Nikita. ‘We are educated fools,instead of going to a quack we approached the law’ is their lament. And for a second I want to add in their lament.

A 25 week old feotus is a living being in medical dictionary. In effect its like mercy killing, says the Court. But for me the pain a 25 year old woman will undergo is much greater than that of the feotus. She will carry the child inside her knowing it has negligible chance of survival. She will then have to give birth and the child will be on life-support or a pacemaker from the moment it breathes. Let us assume it survives this ordeal and lives on. Will it have a normal childhood? Hardly likely. So essentialy Nikita is agreeing to being lifetime support for this child. I am sure no parent will ever backout from supporting their child but the responsibilities that come from having a disabled child are of a proportion we as fully functional human beings cannot fanthom.

What Jeet says or what the high court says that this is a chance you must take as part of parenthood holds true for the 70s when these antiquated laws where formed. When today technology is allowing one to know defects intra-uterine shouldnt law let parents make that decision?

If we look at this from the humanitarian angle of killing another human being, it implies any woman opting for abortion is a murderer!It takes away my right to my own body. If abortion is murder then we should adopt good Christian principle of children being Gods gift and welcome each one of them,so what if they are unwanted and we will proceed to dump them somewhere or they suffer from co-genital diseases and die a slow excruciating death later in life. As a person when i decide to be a parent I should be convinced I can decide what is not only good for me but also good for this other human being who will be totally dependent on me in its initial stages of life. And isnt it my human right to decide what will happen to my body. My choice.

By saying I believe in a woman’s right to abortion I do not say I support the quakery that results in female foeticide. I am not in favor of pre-determination of sex of an unborn. But am in favor of my right to decide if I want to bring a disabled child into the world. I also realise it is easy for me to sit in the comfort of my room and type away at my blog and voice my opinion but the real question is are the would-be parents who will actually face the mammoth task of bringing up the baby, ready to take this fight? I guess by opting for termination they have responded to that choice already.

If the baby is born and I do wish to God for one with minimum complications, I would wish baby Mehta to grow up and be this strong physical-mental individual who can then show me the finger and cock a snook at me. But if as a mother Nikita has to deliver it and watch it die, I agree they are educated fools who asked the law for compassion and understanding!

PS: Now we hear a typo swung the case!Seriously WTF!Also I have referred to baby Mehta as ‘it’ because theoretically,medical-bookwise it may have the ability to survive outside the mothers body but can it really, with its defective heart and without its mothers care?

And we got quoted here.Not much I admit still…


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5 responses to “My bonny baby

  1. Jeet

    August 5, 2008 at 2:39 am

    I think me and dhiv will continue arguing about this for a long time to come…. still i couldnt resist of putting a comment here ….

    Simple question – if such complications had come out after the baby was born ? would you still go and kill it ??? when you cant do it then ………. how can you do it now ????

    Second question – As put in my blog……. few years from now there is technology which could show that the feotus in future would get certain diseases ( diabetes, heart problems, aasthma, cancer etc ) ……… would the same logic that you put here apply then ?

    Third question – cant you extend it this to all people suffering from disability…. why not kill them too……. you would end the suffering of the parent as well the kid ……..

    people just strive to have things perfect………. but as all of us know…. nothing is perfect in this world….

  2. Neo Kluber

    August 5, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    I agree completely with SW. A foetus in only technically human. Its disappearnce from this world can’t cause it any pain nor will anyone else suffer a lot from that. But the mother has a mind which can feel the pain, she has friends, family, husband who will all suffer from what the child grows into. And the child will suffer a lot when he looks around and sees the happy world of which he’s not a part.

    The laws of our country which has failed to protect the poor and the suffering has no right to decide the future of a foetus.

  3. vandana pavamani

    August 7, 2008 at 10:51 am

    Dear Jeet
    Why didn’t your mother abort you? did she have the technology to know that you would agree to some thing as dumb as this? how can you say that a child in the womb is only technically human? How were you born? were you a some kind of humanoid when you being born and then suddenly at five months ( which some poeple cruelly abort) you became human!!!
    life begins at conception which explains a nauseated and sick mother and by eight weeks there is a beating heart.
    My plea is to Harsh and Neketa we want the baby alive or dead. just let her be born. Because we believe in miracles and a God by whose blood we receive redemptionand healing. it may tough and the that at this time Niketa is only thinking of the failure of not been able to give bith to a wholesome child but the baby is wholesome she will be. the child did not choose anything the least you can do is let her be born.Chances have always been in these cases that a normal healthy child has been delivered. we wpould like to get to get in touch with Neketa and Harsh and walk them through this terrible time and affirm the life of an unborn baby for complete healing in JESUS Name. If Mother Teresa were alive should would have offered words of hope and admonishment maybe landed on their doorstep. As the old adage goes.. While there is life there is hope.

  4. ram

    August 13, 2008 at 4:55 am

    pls tell mr mehta to call me at i think there is a solution with out resorting to abortion.i contacted times of india mumbai office editorial section they rejected to give mrs nikita mehta contact details.


  5. sandrar

    September 10, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.


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