Aaj Cal

01 Jun

First thing first, appreciate the clever humor in the title name. Yeah now we can move ahead. So we had hauled ourself to a relative empty Cal airport. And the BF was coming to receive yours truly as he said I deserved such small pleasures since it was kind of back-to-civilization moment for me. Now I know he meant well and all but such an announcement meant imminent problems.

You know the sunlight–>vitamin D thing; I am full of vitamin D. Because my skin has now turned into a cocoa shade I dont recognise as mine. My feet have beautiful floral pattern due to the design of the footwear. And I have the patch of lighter skin under my watch strap to remind me what complexion I used to have. I also think am developing wrinkles. And dont get me started about the straw…I mean the hair.

Then you know the Anil-Kapoor hirsuteness I am blessed with. Give me a week without my nice parlour  wali aunty and I can give Krur Singh a run for his brows.Villages dont have nice ladies to pluck and pull every strand of offending facial hair and then charge a bomb for it. Since both men and women in village kiranas generally seem embarrassed at the “lady from bombay” (as my TSO introduces me) I just left the mustache at its rightful place-my upper lip.

Oh and have you heard how women gently perspire and whip out a hanky and are done with it. Am not one of those women. 20 minutes in the sun and am soaked. My deo fighting a loosing battle against the pig in my underarms. Woman of substance did you say? Yes, the substance being 1kg of grime and dirt which have mingled with the afore mentioned sweat and covered me all over.

So as I alighted next to and Ms.peaches-and-cream-complexion in a sack which can successfully hide the multiple stomachs which are maintaining their health even with village daal-roti; was afraid BF will see this  dark blob with matted hair advancing towards him and may run for life. Was also scared I may go into epileptic fits seeing the first familiar face since eternity.

However BF pretended not to notice any changes (or maybe he didnt notice..which means he wasnt paying attention…which means….) and we proceeded to insti. Later we went to Nirmal Lifestyles where I was all sheep in big city. Went berserk at Shoppers Stop and bought more clothes (as if the mountain am lugging around isnt enough) and then ran into Crossowords. So bought 3 new easy light books which can now accompany me in my rural sojourns. Also saw Ironman. Again easy on the brain. Feel good.

Now the hard part, how to say good bye to something you have fallen in love with. Foolish blind love, where you deliberately not see the flaws. I am talking about NITIE. That will take a post I believe.

Till then…


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6 responses to “Aaj Cal

  1. Pragnya

    June 2, 2008 at 9:30 am

    which books did u buy?

  2. Atlee

    June 2, 2008 at 10:43 pm

    umake me think twice now…Is Sales the right job 😀

    The Anil Kapoor reference was hilarious.

  3. Ann

    June 4, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    girl….i also have anil kapoor ka vardhaan…but the thought of paying 10pounds every 2 weeks made me learn all the much needed techniques..altho i hv attended classes with one eyebrow done and one not…or front end of eyebrows missing!! i am planning to start a parlour in a remote village in india to ‘give back to the society’ but i cant wait to sit back and relax in a chair (no couch) in saloon and get someone else do it for me… :~D

  4. WSW

    June 4, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    3 mistakes of my life-Chetan Bhagat
    Earning the laundry stripes-Manreet Sodhi
    Everyone worth knowing-lauren Weisberger

    2 late now!

    Can u mail me ten steps to hairfree face by yourself

  5. JustSo

    June 6, 2008 at 5:29 am

    been reading your posts for the last few days and just had to tell you this – your writing rocks girl … err.. you do to 🙂

  6. Retard

    June 28, 2008 at 4:33 pm

    Steaming your face will cause the pores to open up. If you start plucking after the steaming, the whole depilation could be made less painful. But mind you that the excessive heat may cause your skin to lose its tauntness.


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