BLT Diaries-photoblog

18 May


This is the road linking Calcutta to Burdwan. The rural roads were a dream. Way ahead of city roads ( Mumbai , Bangalore…hint..hint!)


A wanna-be Mumbai local: A state transport bus I would use if the saleperson did not have a bike. Jam packed, smelly and a wanna-be F1 driver.


best seller in mid size segment:harvest just over. Roads blocked with carts carrying the harvest. Sitting on bike balancing my suitcase, laptop bag, handbag and a large polythene i rub elbows with bullock horns. If I shouted I loose balance. I just pray. Hard. “ab bazaar main tezi aayegi. paisa aaya hain na”, my sales officer tells me. Bullshit is taken in a very different sense when your rubbing elbows with a bull.


Cafe Coffee day: Small earthen cups for tea-coffee. Shopkeepers often mistook me for some auditor who checks if displays and shelving is proper and gives monetary rewards and plied me with tea and sweets. The first time I was offered this cup I graciously gulped down the tasteless fluid and put it back carefully on the counter. My salesman took it equally graciously and smashed it to the ground. Disposable these are and dont hold more than a mouthful. Thank God. After evry sweets and chai session I prayed to the good lord to save me from various gastro ailments. Thankfully he listened. In fact he was so attentive I havent lost a kilo. Sigh!


Cherlie and Charles:Very surprised to see a familiar packaging of my regular deo and perfume I double checked. Charles and Cherlie it was! With the familair loop in place. Attention Revlon fortune waiting, at the bottom of the pyramid! Also seen many counterfeits- Murmure, Safed, Ayna. Dont miss Ego-perfume for the man!


River Damodar:Floods for a month or two. Almost all houses in Calcutta are built of its soil. Crossing it I got all excited and made the driver stop to click photos. Got down and the bridge swayed due to wind and passing trucks. It was like an earthquake. I looked down at the water. Imgined myself drowning. Clicked a couple and asked the driver to drive for life. He well just smiled.

I have a bunch of pics. The clarity leaving much to desire. The zoom facility little doubtful. But still memories captured for quite a bit. Thanks to my Nokia 5310. Endorsement done. Can you buy me a digicam please.(BF hint, hint!)

Also am on a data card whose  bill i would be paying. Only one stipend got in mid-March. Salary long way off. Second stipend also missing. IN short serious cash issues. Further saying who will pay phone bill and internet bill? (BF, hint , hint!)

So till salary day this should suffice..Mecheda here I come…thats a place by the way, not a man!


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2 responses to “BLT Diaries-photoblog

  1. anuj bansal

    May 18, 2008 at 9:52 pm

    🙂 awesome .. your blog is like crystal ball. I can see my future 😛

    & u shudnt underestimate the consequences of kullad ka chai.
    Gaon ka CCD: A lot can happen after coffee (validity: 2 weeks).

    God Bless your BF.

  2. Ann

    May 19, 2008 at 8:30 am

    btw wat are u doing there??..asking ppl to use Dove???


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