What is ailing Hindi films?

16 May

I have always been a mainstream cinema person. You know the cheap, non-classy type who saw Dhoom-2 with tongue touching ground, drooling over Hrithik. I enjoy an occasional Mr & Mrs Iyer or Page3 but give me my OSO any day. Thankfully most of India thinks like me. However even I can stoop so much. Apart from Jimmys of the world, which have always been a question mark on the producers intelligence, many of former ace director-producers are also funding movies which are assaulting the senses.

First comes music. Always released a couple of months before the actual film, it is as good feeler of what the movie would be. If the music clicks, the film will go on to be an average grosser at least. Ask Emran Hashmi. When not playing tonsil hockey with his heroines, he can be seen at the forefront of a bustling city or crying to some awesome Pakistani bands music. His entire career is built on music. Or look at Race. The eternal Abbas-Mustan story of murder and double crossing had one of the biggest openings thanks to the superhit music.

Its here that two biggest camps of Bollywood are churning out really not upto mark music. RGV and YRF. Of course by now Ram Gopal Varma has gone hoarse telling the world that he makes movies for himself and how he doesn’t care how they perform at the BO. I think RGV knew what was coming with the sad music that Aag and James had. One can only hope Sarkar Raj is better.

The second is Yash Raj Films. Despite the candy floss tag they have given a Deewar, Chak De! And Dhoom. But lately they have been giving Tashan, and Laaga Chunari main Daag. And their music forewarned us. Laaga had one brilliant track from Shubha Mudgal and nothing else. Tashan, the less said the better. The music isn’t catchy in the least. Nahi, mera dil nahi dance karta! Especially for something parading as style. I  know the joke is cruel but really it is the most expensive Bhojpuri film ever. Yesterday I heard the first song of ‘Thoda pyar thoda magic’ and boy I hope Adi Chopra can think beyond Rani. ‘Neehal ho gaya’ made me sad. It looked like one from those movies which come and go and no one notices, except I spotted Saif and Rani in it.

If you can remember and if a song still remains on your playlist 5 months after the movie came, more often than not its still playing in the theatre next door.

Second a story. Now before you say hindi movies and story and fall all over yourself laughing. Think about the past few hits. Think Chak de!, Jab we met, Taarein Zameen par…they all told a story. Maybe not the most original, but different treatment , think OSO. What was YRF thinking in releasing a Laaga Chunari?

RGV, the maverick genius whom I loved from Bhoot, Rangeela, Sarkar, Satya and Jungle. Please start making movies for us. Your audience.

Same for Mr.Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Khamoshi and Hum Dil…had an innocence about them and a story to tell. Devdas was just grandeur and costumes. I know Black has been critically acclaimed to heavens but beside the little girls acting which was spell binding the topic itself lent to wet hankies all around. And the picture postcard town quickly took the story out of realism. I hope the fate of the blue-film (literally) Saanwariya would give us SLB back.

Why this post?

I really wanna watch a nice movie, which wont make me feel I have blown up money for nothing. And really there isn’t much to choose from or look forward to. Music playing on TV accentuates mood. “Whose the baap baby baby” asks Arshad Warsi, Ritesh Deshmukh and some other tid bit actor. Fortunately that would be me, the viewer because I pay for both the cable bill and balcony seat ticket.


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One response to “What is ailing Hindi films?

  1. Atlee

    May 17, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    Very true…

    Music is a complete downer these days…
    and movies the less said the better. But when you have producers making advance profits before the release of the film…why would they care.

    Watch out for Sarkar Raj and Kismet Connection (Aziz Mirza movie), that shud be one of the simple stories we love to watch


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