since am planning to make this blog more personal

12 Mar

here’s some gyaan I found recently.
The banyan is our national tree. Wow.

I have finished reading Loving and Longing in Bombay by Vikram Chandra, and now am dying for weekend to come so that I can go till CrossWords and but “Red earth and pouring rain”. After coming here I have spent a fortune on books, and have read more books and blogs than in last 3-4 years. However future purchases are heavily dependent on my stipend clocking in by weekend.
In a fit of misplaced independence I had assured my parents I can take care of myself from now on. So it was with casual nonchalance that I had slipped in my demand for more parental generosity this weekend. So I can buy more books. How I choose my books is a totally ingenious methodology.

Me: why are we going to Crosswords. You said you would find me a street hawker. You lied!
F ( a friend on whose knowledge of Bangalore I was dependent) : ya, this is like cheap books only..
Me: liar!
F: Oh comon! these books smell nice…
Me: You dont buy books to smell them.
(inside Crosswords)
Me(5 books balanced precariously): Stop me, I am going to buy all these. I dont have money.
F: Pick all you want and then we will sort it out.
Me(hands over the 5 and picks another 5): yeah am done I think. Stop me.
We sit on a couch. Judgment time arrives. We turn every book over for the price tag.
Me: My god this is for 395. Its like 40 pages I think.
F: Yup. so it goes into the not buying pile.
Me(sad): Has to. Hey look at this its for 400 and they are selling it at 250. And its thick too. (smiles triumphantly)
F: I have read it. Its not great. that’s why its for 250.
Me(ignoring, and voice level rising with excitement): And this one also is for 200. And its so thick, it will last a week. You keep the James Fry and Rushdie back. I will take this thick books which are cheap also.
(Man sitting nearby looks in disbelief.)
F: I don’t know you!

Also have discovered a whole lot of mommy bloggers. Will Blogroll them soon. You can catch up with Adi’s slaves and Peanut here. And this totally brought out all my maternal instincts. But there is still time for that. But cho chweet.

So till next. 🙂


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2 responses to “since am planning to make this blog more personal

  1. s4ur4bh

    March 12, 2008 at 1:17 am

    Hi D,

    I dont know a lot about blore but try Blossoms Book Store. Its off MG road. One of the best book stores ever and they are cheap. 30% of fresh books types.

    Apart from that, there are tons of lending libraries around in blore. Check em out too.


  2. pragnya

    March 13, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    hey! do me a favor.. and put up a list of books u’v read and liked.. i might hav missd out on some… and lemme knw which ones u recommend…



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