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06 Mar

I am working finally. Most of the time it consists of minimising windows and trying to look as if am about to up Einstein’s theory of relativity. You see offices have this habit of giving you net access with only your official email working. They believe essential for existence sites like Orkut, Blogspot, Gtalk and takes away from employee productivity. Yeah it does cut down the number of coffee intakes to around 4 a day.

Btw, when I had begun my MBA and many of my classmates had started working one of them pinged me to tell me that his office vending machine had 4 types of coffees. I was as interested in that information as I am in dating Bobby Darling yet in the same absurd way it clung in my mind. The vending machine here has 3 varieties of coffee and 2 types of tea. Damn.

Apart from that since this is the IT capital of India, I was expecting a very engineering type of crowd. But you have to be here to believe it. Every morning as I stand among a crowd of IT engineers to catch the bus. All dressed almost identically. The access cards around their necks proclaiming the usual suspects “Tata Consultancy Services
“, “Life rocks @ iFlex”(yeah right), SAP. The bus I generally take are the Volvo. Apart from charging a bomb they also help me have my nostalgic Mumbai local @ Dadar moments. Touching, literally.

The bus remains the only plausible means of transport. Yes autos abound in the city but to get into one has following complications.

  1. the driver finds the distance optimum. Too near-no maam, too far-no maam.
  2. the meter is running but the 3-digit fare charged from you has no relation to the double digit flashing there.
  3. the driver believes all IT junta are earning a bomb and hence the holes burnt into the pocket are inconsequential.

My office is very nice and pretty. My cubicle 5 steps away from coffee machine and a small food court downstairs for meals. The combination of this has lead to exponential gain apart from the usual quarter life spread in key areas of the human physique. A recent study has said as people become more content they have a tendency to put on weight. Bless the researchers. Bad HUL. Bad parents. Bad friends. Bad bf. All your fault.

My social life here is rocking. Another peculiarity of this city is it has more gults than kannadigas or so I feel. This conclusion was drawn based on the number of Andhra messes and PGs around. My roommate is one too. We talk in English about the weather, curse the owner for general lack of convenience and sleep at 9. One way to look at it would be the glowing skin I would be sporting soon owing to daily beauty sleep.

To kill time I have seen 3 movies (haan haan hall pe…laptop nahi hain mere paas) in 2 weeks and have read 2 books and will start on number 3 soon. I will not review the movies because many of my class mates are already doing that. Still typo-diarrhoea results in:

Jodha Akbar– my choice to watch it. My desire to run out of the hall by interval. You could cat nap get up and the story wouldn’t have moved an inch. Only saviour the beautiful jewellery.

Mithya– 5 people in the hall. Expected a Ranvir-Vinay riot. Saw a very complex convoluted story. Maybe I should grow up and will appreciate it more.

Vantage point– the director got 1 set done and shot an entire movie. However it would keep you interested despite indestructible Dennis Quad.( spoiler- he survives a bomb blast, shooting, car crash and still walks upright, bad guys die the moment their vehicle overturns. Incredible.)

Kiterunner by Khaled Hosseini– I loved the book. After the day of staring at 15” computer screen, I would return home and be lost in Afghanistan of the seventies. Brilliant.

Alchemy of desire by Tarun Tejpal- Mr.Tehelka’s debut book begins with “Love is not the greatest glue between two people. Sex is.” You think wow, Indian writer what guts. Then it kind of gets boring. The musk and the growth. You want to skip all that and read the story. Oops there isn’t one.

Yeah, the post is a little bit arbit. But hey the blog is personal again. ( Play on popular computer ad, dumbo)

Btw, haven’t visited the vending machine for past 2 hours. I think its missing me.

Chaow..(isn’t is it what Anushka says on MTV ?)


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4 responses to “Random ramblings on a random day

  1. Amit

    March 6, 2008 at 6:49 am

    So, finally U started working…thts gr8…Studies finally over forever…About “essential for existence”, u cant help it…offices never allow those…Really liked ur short reviews of movies..just Loved it…You hav not changed a bit in last six years…and ur blog has got just better and better..more interesting and as humorous as u can ever get…

  2. Zennmaster

    March 6, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    dammit… Can i get some coffee and some of that food off your food court??? me office has neither… gotta make the runner boy get lunch… and they don even make choley kulche here like in delhi… Blore sucks… Tho I have no idea which part of india you in… but wherever you are… don come to blore…

  3. anN-series

    March 7, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    hello corporate woman…kabhi comments ki reply nahi karti kya??? btw kya machine mein brooke bond chai and bru coffee milti hai???

  4. Atlee

    March 10, 2008 at 12:09 am

    I take offense at your comment on IT enggs. I was one once upon a time. [:P]

    Do u have an official mail id as yet?
    There is alot of fun attached with that as well. One keeps clicking at the send/recieve button of Microsoft Outlook once every 30 secs to chk for new mails.

    Better fun than the vending m/c


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