Is beauty the beast?

25 Jan

I was watching Ally McBeal today. Neurotic, confused, apparently successful yet steeped in self doubt. Mirror anyone.

After you have appreciated my clever play with words in the title of the post we shall move forward.In today’s episode Ally fights for a lady whose dismissed from her anchoring job because she is too old to attract the attention of a TV surfing generation. In between we are shown Ally’s own fears of old age and the first wrinkle.

Beauty is skin deep. At least that’s what we learn in good all girls catholic school. And then we go to college and meet..ahem..the guys.

Throughout my school girl idealism I never thought you should judge a book by its cover and yet over the years I have found how luck, opportunities favor the better looking. It was hard to accept the concept and yet shamefacedly I have to admit I have only succumbed and suscribed to it.

In our country where being fair is lovely(and now handsome as well), do we really judge people by the looks. And we are not even talking about the dating game .I know of instances where prettier people have easier time in interviews. Yes we have all tried to present ourselves as well groomed presentable best when facing a panel, yet if you have two candidates who are on par on every other scale would you choose the one that would enhance the aesthetics of your office more?

If I were to be interviewed with a bunch of PYT for a post, would I be scared? When someone walks out of an interview room and says lady HR instead of male HR does my heart go a tad disappointed?

Most of my friends would fall in the category of above average looking, have I subconciously made those choices? But isnt it true that after a point you stop looking at the people close to you. You stop noticing how good or not good they look?

I would like to believe my bf loves for my charming personality, dashing sense of humor, my glib talking (oh God, I should stop warna all that fan mail, who will handle?) but on the occassions when I do change from my mansize-fits all tee and comfort fit jeans and wriggle into suffocate-to-death tee and lycra jeans and dab on some eyeliner and gloss, why are the compliments and chivalory more free flowing. Why? On days he gets out the hair gel, goes overdrive with the cologne and comes looking all dapper, my heart swells with the “effort” he taken. Does it mean I judge him by the way he presents himself to me and not by the virtues I liked in the first place.

Its scary to admit, I would stop at a channel because they are because John Abraham would be hawking a new product over a detailed an analysis of the subprime crisis. Carla Bruni interests me only because she looks the way she does.Thats the reason Camilla Parker Bowles can never get the attention of Diana Spencer.

They say some studies have found that babies are also attracted to prettier peole and the instincts behind all this is the fact that better looks means better genes. Not sp skin deep, but ribonucleaic acid deep?

The purpose of this post: Do you judge?

Trigger: Dad’s looking for suitable groom with heart of gold, I said I wont mind “looks like Arjun Rampal, body like Abraham and talks like SRK”

Verdict: Am searching in the wrong species.

Till next. From seedy cyber cafe in Delhi.

PS: New season of B-School rankings and placement reports are out. Advice to newbies of MBAgiri- take it with a pinch of salt. Packages like beauty is skin deep.


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7 responses to “Is beauty the beast?

  1. anN-series

    January 30, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    “i would like to believe my bf loves for my charming personality, dashing sense of humor, my glib talking”…i think on the same lines…does tht explain my chronic single status??

    looks like arjun rampal- so a guy who has more cosmetics thn u do..
    body like john abraham-so ur guy will also have a cleavage
    talks like srk- so he takes a minute to say ur name ..interesting….

  2. s4ur4bh

    January 30, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    good news?

  3. ken

    February 1, 2008 at 4:50 am

    you still have that old charm (i mean your writing skills) and given all this was written from a seedy cyber cafe is interesting … i agree on the thoughts very much … the beautiful steal the show everywhere ….

  4. Anonymous

    February 2, 2008 at 2:01 am

    dhiv.. (excuse me for using a shorter version.. its to add personal touch to it..) attraction rules this planet.. and ur absolutely right on genes.. just like we have our basic needs (RKM)similiarly humans also have basic wants.. and that is to procreate.. so once you have those basic needs you will also want your basic wants to get fulfilled..
    and as u no human beings suffer from seven sins and one of them is malice.. we always want something better than what we have..
    so all these things of beauty.. attraction will live as long as life exists on this planet.. acceptance is better than fighting with urself and losing precious time..

    good that u bring these topics up.. wish i knew u better.. but as i always say acceptance is much better.. keep blogging.. take care

  5. Manohar

    February 3, 2008 at 6:07 am

    Agreed to all youve written.. Would like to add on.. Looks are important for initial attraction/success but over a long period,i feel actual personality does come into play.. would you like to have a bf who is all attractive but not honest? i bet you would not.. attraction will make interview easier but will it help you in further growth?? and what do you say abt oprah?

  6. silverine

    February 4, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    Cracking post! :))

    if you have two candidates who are on par on every other scale would you choose the one that would enhance the aesthetics of your office more?

    Good question. If it was a guy interviewer then the answer is obvious and if it is a lady interviewer then the answer again is obvious :p Lets just say, both the beauty and the beastess will have her day depending on the sex of the interviewer 🙂

    Jokes aside, if the interviewees are freshers then it really makes it tough on the Interviewer as he/she has nothing tangible except the marks card to make his/her decisions on.

  7. hemanth

    February 8, 2008 at 6:22 am

    We do judge ppl based on how they look !!
    You can probably ask a much larger question – Do women have it easy in life than their male counterparts?

    If the answer is yea, may be then we gotta accept that

    Its just the way we are born / bought up – a way in which we differentiate ppl based on some parameters that might not be relevant to the question at hand.

    Its neither negative nor wrong !! Its just a way of life!!



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