Om Shanti Om: And why you should see it!

17 Nov

Om Shanti Om, SRK and Farah Khan’s magnum opus, which saw marketing gimmicks unprecedented in movie history has generated mixed reviews. A true Bollywood lover that I am I lapped up the entire show off from the guest stars, the SFX, the rebirth et all. Fellow OSO fan club member, Piyush has agreed for a guest post…so here we go…

There are movies that make absolute sense and then there are those that dont make any sense. Well, this one is neither. A different approach to seeing this movie will definitely get you
to appreciate it. And why not. I myself have mostly been a very selective, “sensible movie” watcher, easily downplaying the clutter of hindi films that are churned out every Friday.

But to think of it, we are so damn used to measuring, analysing & judging everything around us that we deny those poor filmmakers all the freedom that they so rightly deserve. People, Actions, Situations and everything else you can think of is subject to our ever-analysing minds. You probably have been going to the movies either based on those sidey reviews, or some friends whom you cant deny, or many just to enjoy the crowd at the so many mushrooming chic
multiplexes. For once, maybe its time to discount everything around you that tells you what to and go out and explore it yourself. And dont forget to book two tickets: one to seat your brains (yeah, you heard me right, get them off now!) and the other to slide your *ss into (make yourself at home!).

Sample these:
“SRK astonished at DP, DP waves and walks, DP dress tassle entangled, DP realises and sorts, SRK cant still believe, DP walks and looks back, SRK feels the aah!!”There is a beautiful background score while this is on. The score and these feelingsreturn with new look DP (aka Sandy) meets new look SRK (aka Om Kapoor). And thats where an immediate connection is created!

“Or consider the super duper celebrity packed “Deewangi” number, where each actor performs
his/her dance step and entices the audience to again connect that to some earlier movie song.
The satisfaction you get from sucessfully tracing that is probably what the director was aiming for. Its a simple but innovative way of keeping the audience in the wonder-think-find-enjoy loop.”

The magic of OSO, more than anything else, is in those small things these guys have tinkered with. Things that probably appear miniscule against the huge canvas. But things that actually build up stuff and literally drive the movie. Sometimes explicitly, sometimes subconsciously. And all that coupled with good music (they ve covered every genre under the sun), some super art direction (with nicely done sets and novel lighting effects) and comedy that appears cheap upfront (but you laugh all your way back home) is sure to make it a true entertainer.

Unless ofcourse you still cant stop asking the Hows and the Whys. Hello! We arent at a quizzing
contest, are we? Puhleez! No questions, No answers! Just sit back & enjoy!

Post dedicated to DK – for giving a dolt like me all this free webspace – costs a lot these days you know!!
# SRK = Shahrukh, DP = Deepika


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5 responses to “Om Shanti Om: And why you should see it!

  1. Iceman

    November 17, 2007 at 2:36 pm

    waah kya review hai…wah kya review hai 😀

  2. NITIE

    November 17, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    not bad for a guest post – in case I wish to post on your blog, do I simply send it to you?

  3. Vishy

    November 18, 2007 at 12:00 pm

    Fresh style of the blog carried off in this guest column as well. Piyush has his way of words 🙂

    now i want to see (enjoy) the movie – NOW.

  4. anN-series

    November 19, 2007 at 7:13 pm

    i did the blunder of watching sawaariya and i misplaced my brain in the process…i still havent recovered it…

  5. anN-series

    December 11, 2007 at 8:34 am

    pliss to be blogging again madam…..pleasssseeee


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