yeah, i am an MBA in the making

30 Jan

I know I have not made any real posts for sometime. I also know there have been no complaints about it and no naarebaazi, jatha nikaalna asking about my health and whereabouts. All three of my readers have happily surfed themselves away from d_grailed. But seriously I have nothing to write and no inspiration either. The likes of Shakespeare would call it a writer’s block, other serious bloggers may call it good riddance, I call it I-will-do-this-tomorrow. I wanted to write a spell binding entry-hilarious enough to bring tears into your eyes or sentimental enough to bring tears into your eyes (see how smartly I avoided tears of frustration).

You know I can say I have been super busy, MBA and all that. But that is partly true. I have been busy thinking up statements like:

It’s our responsibility to quickly leverage other’s mission-critical sources so that we may endeavor to synergistically disseminate competitive technology to set us apart from the competition.

It’s this kind of tough work of sentence making with words I don’t comprehend that will one day help me earn my millions. This is what they call value addition. People around me are value adding like no tomorrow, solving case after case, going for certification after certification. (Oh yeah the grapes are sour, what else!) I am trying but really I do not think any HR is going to glance beyond that 6 point GPA.

Also my new resolution was to be healthy. Now the half egg biryani served its pupose in Cochin. I weighed like a pre-pubescent schoolgirl and for the first time in my life I jumped around in low-rise jeans. Then I came to NITIE. And after four years of Ethopia I saw food. People complain about the mess food but believe me after 4 years of skull-cracking idlis I was ready for anything. There are 3 types of people in the world

  1. cribbers ( Oh my gawd, I cant eat that)
  2. whatever( theekh hai…khana hi to hai)
  3. black holes ( potential to consume cribbers and whatvers)

I belong to category 3. So gloriously I feasted till my zipper sighed and gave away one afternoon. I peeked into the mirror. It seemed ok( my reflection that is). Ok my cheeks had puffed up a little. That was the chocolate last night. I rambled to the cupboard and took out trousers pair no 2. It never reached the waist. A small alarm bell went off some where. But the third pair groaned and buttoned itself so off I went. Ek aur gulab jamun please.

This new year I was faced with the following options

  1. Go around looking like I tried wearing my 6 year old niece’s t-shirt
  2. Massive wardrobe switch to salwar kameezes, with their it-can-stretch-as-you-get-fatter naadas.
  3. Diet control.
  4. Exercise.

I saw myself no less than the blonde bombshell from “flab to fab in 7 days”.

1 Day later : 1 round of jogging .Huff-puff. Ok 1 round is enough, am just building my stamina.
1 Week later: 1 round of jogging. Huff-puff. Ok 1 round is enough, am just building my stamina.
1 month later: 1 round of jogging. Huff-puff. Ok 1 round is enough, am just building my stamina.

Those salwars have started looking pretty good.

So basically that’s more or less what I have to say. Am totally out of ideas. Shilpa Shetty’s tears, or SEZ fears, nothing inspires me. I almost wish some one tags me.

So till I write next.

PS: 1. for all Mani Ratnam disclaimers it seems Guru’s script was available here. Never the less Chota AB scowled to my hearts content.

2. I had registered for Mumbai Marathon and my application was rejected due to the overwhelming response. Thank God. 7 kms? Are you kidding?


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6 responses to “yeah, i am an MBA in the making

  1. Batty

    January 30, 2007 at 5:22 am

    Am happy you are back at your hilarious best..:)..

    I was reading Indian Express the other day and guess what I found. This:

    ” It is a well-settled principle of human rights jurisprudence that the state also has a positive obligation to promote fundamental rights by preventing non-state actors from de facto violating freedom of expression”

    Blew my brains off. It aint just an MBA. Its a global phenomena. In engg we used to call it the Barrons diarreah. 🙂

  2. Batty

    January 30, 2007 at 5:26 am

    Actually a wardrobe switch to salwar kameezes would work wonders. Remember the Beautiful women can never look hot theory. You can claim so to the world. Always a work around. 🙂

  3. therightbrainer

    January 30, 2007 at 10:08 am

    Seems more like the recipe for sequels has caught on…
    Your posts seem more on the “KBC Tritiya” route ,, give ppl wat they expect wid a lil bit of spice..:)

    Nonetheless…its quite easy to relate to things spoken of in ur posts and esp the I-will-do-this-tomorrow hilariuosly…spoken…

    Waitin for the next sequel…


  4. anonymous fren..

    January 30, 2007 at 4:42 pm

    i can imagine ur pain..m goin thru same experiences too…few mins of bball makes me tired enuf to sit n hv one fag..then I too think its stamina building phase…all of my 30 sized jeans r tyt on my waist.. my old pics reminds me of golden days…n btw nobody has written u r not gettin fat!!

    this is second tym i missed writing first of ur comments..

  5. Bijay Kumar

    January 31, 2007 at 12:50 am

    If you could stop every atom in space and time and your mind could comprehend the actions thus suspended. Then if you are really really good at algebra, you can write formula for all the future.

  6. ken

    January 31, 2007 at 2:37 am

    Here’s the tune-mujhe-comment-diya-main-tujhe -doonga comment :

    Mumbai marathon was less about running 6 km and more about fun and about getting fat and all .. it’s a part of a girl’s normal routine to worry about her kilos and inches 🙂 .. waise it is a matter of scientific study how cud this tasteless, calorieless food could increase flab on human beings …


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