bas ek pal aur

15 Dec
Bas ek pal mein
Tu ek baar jo pyaar se mujhsko chuley tho har zakhm bhar jayegaa,
Zara iltizaa suun ke dewaane dilki mujhe aapne dilse lagaa...
Tere pyaar mein aise jiyain hum,
Jala hain yeh dil....yeh ankhen hue Nam
Bas Ek Pal…
Hamare khayalo mein khwabon mein yaadon mein baaton mein rehte ho tum,
Badaake mein yeh haath chuna jo chahun to pal bar mein hote ho Gum.
Tere pyaar mein aise jiyain hum,
Jala hain yeh dil....yeh ankhen hue nam 
Bas ek pal mein..
Sunaah hain mohabbath ki takdeer mein, likhein hain andherein ghanee,
tabi aaj shayad sitare sabi zara saahi roshan hue...
Mere haath ki in lakeeron mein likhe abhi aur kithne sitam,
Khafaa ho gayein hain kushi waqt sey ho rahein hain meherbaan gham,
Tere pyaar mein aise jiyain hum,
Jala hain yeh dil....yeh ankhen hue Nam 
Bas Ek Pal....... 

The movie was slow. But the concept has remained with me. A moment of madness which changes the lives of those involved not to mention the ripple effect it creates. The director could have made the most haunting movie of them all but some how loses out.
Can one meeting be enough to sustain a man through all that Nikhil Kapoor(Suri) goes through, ending up as a stalker almost. Too many loose endings, but the music is absolutely fanatastic. Tere bin evokes a strange melancholy and now am fixated on the title song. My Real player is crying out in protest on playing this playlist of one for past 72 hours.

I have my mod end exams from Monday. After the last minute jugaads last module, I had sworn on my remaining hair that next module would see a new me, organised, non-procastinating, up-to-date with the days work. Obviously kutte ki poonch kabhi seedhi nai hoti. Even at this last minute my complacency is seen to be believed. Day before I sat and saw Jaaneman( gaaawd!), Final Destination3(better than FD-2 ..but seriously the writers actually get paid to think of the most macabre, blood spouting, crushing, horrific death an individual can have…but then they seem amaetuerish in front of the people who write scripts for the SAW series…no other movie can get your dinner out faster..) and then Bas ek pal while my classmates were doing their best to push up the GPA and inch closer to the dream job. Even now solutions are being multi-ed for Monday’s paper am busy blogging..

Tomorrow I ll ask God to bail me out one last time and tear my thinning hair once again…I have also developed new found respect for five point someone. The time I spent typing this meant I probably just lost P&G and HLL.


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8 responses to “bas ek pal aur

  1. Batty

    December 16, 2006 at 12:59 am

    You are in the esteemed company of a person who wastes his “GPA upping” time reading your blogs 🙂 the reason I dont regret it because I know I cna never miss out on a Lehmann brothers or a Goldman Sachs 🙂 There is always a CTS which is crying for me to return or so I perceive 🙂

  2. IM-6

    December 20, 2006 at 3:23 am

    Relax, GE-Money shud be there(Remember reading summers @ GE-Money), nice place to work , myself worked there for 3 yrs before moving onto citigroup

  3. anonymous fren..

    December 20, 2006 at 8:18 am

    i lost de opportunity of writin first comment in ur blog as i usually do…not my fault net znt wrkin properly…hope its de same at ur end too…[;)]..examz muz b goin gud…i knw they r!! yeah..bout ur entry!!I wish to watch de movie coz of dis song n tere bin! but din’t gt it…hope’ll cya soon after readin ur entryn examz..all de best fr examz!!

  4. Batty

    December 21, 2006 at 8:20 pm

    If our friend from im-6 is to be believed and imitated, you would be calling me about 4 years from now and asking me to push your resume into citigroup and I shall be saying ya I’ll consider….haha…

  5. IM-6

    December 22, 2006 at 1:10 am

    Batty,believing is ur choice, but i would certainly advise not to imitate–personally Citigroup to GE is a much better career path–Learning @ Citi 2 Money @ GE ..

  6. Anonymous

    December 27, 2006 at 9:10 am

    Personally did not bother to read the lyrics coz the font size left a lot to be desired.

    Not sure if that was intentional.

    Job = F ( luck, uncertainity, gender etc)


  7. d_grail

    January 8, 2007 at 10:18 pm

    now that we have ICICI as well…we can waste even mre time…as for 4 years down the line…it seems it could be the other way around as well..n i would b probably batty who…lol

    thnx 4 d advice

    @anonymous fren
    i am sure they( d exams that is)rocked

    my blog also performs an eye check…so nw u know time for the annual visit 2 d optician

  8. anonymous fren..

    January 14, 2007 at 5:27 pm

    two thngs i 4got to write in my last comment..Sanjay Suri’s part could happen wth ne1…so beware…lolz..

    sec thin ..if i remem sm1 wrote few months back..

    I maintain my opinion of him as extremely over rated and over hyped writer whose books are best suited to people with very short attention spans or have just been introduced to the world of literature…

    Chetan Bhagat in’t tht bad I thnk or in ur lang I fall in freshers category of lit…


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