inspired solutions

07 Nov

I wanted to write a funny post, or at least what I think is funny. But today is the morning after. Yesterday Prerana got over. And today there seems to be a sudden void in life. Not that I was exactly atlas like carrying the world on my shoulders types, I was more of the lets-just-outsource this types. Yet since landing in NITIE and being part of the PMG (Prerana Managemnt group, that by the way is the self important name we call ourselves) Prerana was always on mind. It gave me an opportunity to meet a bunch of seniors who were hard working, interesting and fun. I remember my committee interviews. How the 8 of them had sat expressionless while I tried to sell a ball point pen “having jet flow with German technology’. It was hard to imagine they could ever twist their face into a smile. It also brought me in contact with 9 of my batch mates each with a personality so different and strong I wondered how we would ever work as a team. And yet things worked and it was the biggest Prerana NITIE has seen. Which in turn has set the benchmark for the ten of us rather clearly.

I do not want to write we had ten events and fabulous prize money and a fantastic jury and …..coz am doing that anyways, I’ll just write about things that stuck to my mind.

Day 1:

The Mumbai Masterplan presentation Prasit and I made. The song has stuck to my mind and so has one the images. The Indian Express which had sponsored the event had put up giant photographs around the venue. One of them had Gateway of India daylight murder of the Manipuri girl.. The description following it read that no one came forward to help, yet someone had the time to click pictures. Shredding some one of their last bit of dignity. Yes a mindblowing picture. Wonder how someone felt opening their newspaper and seeing that the morning after. I felt to be that helpless friend would have been the nearest to hell one could be. Journalism of courage indeed.

The masterplan contest got over and the winners were from NMIMS. The newspapers rushed to get sound bytes from the IIM-A team. They had finished at the fourth position. Out of four teams.

Srijan marketing case study. I have never seen so much quality at one go.

MahadevBhai performance by Working Title. Honest confession I had thought the idea sucked. I mean after a tiring day why would I want to watch some gandhigiri. It was the first play I have ever watched ( I come from a very culturally, intellectually inclined background. We get The Hindustan Times and occasionally India Today and watch Surya TV regularly.) and I loved it. Could a single artist be so talented to hold on a captivating monologue for 2 hours and then make the audience go back and think about it?

Day 2:

I woke with a bloody red eye which watered continuously. I sat through one tedious presentation after another. The Chief HRD of ONGC subjected to quite some goof ups gave me the only tickle the entire afternoon when commenting on the low salaries prevalent in the public sector commented “if you pay peanuts, monkeys are all you will get”.

The much anticipated yet uncertainty ridden Euphoria show took off in the evening. Thanks to PMG got ring side view. Observations:

Palash Sen is very, very fair.

They did not do a cover of sweet child o mine.


yeh professional colleges main bus males or non males hi kyun hoti hain” Palash Sen after knowing the pathetic ratio here. Boys applaud girls grit their teeth and clap with lesser enthusiasm.

Day 3:

Final day. Heavy duty jury and some goof ups.

A corporate who registered for PBQ giving Devendra and me an earful for keeping them waiting.

IIMA guy:register me
Us: it’s a team event
IIMAG: so?
Us: it’s a team of 2
IIMAG: so?
Us: you need to have a partner
IIMAG: why?

Attending a quiz after 4 years and feeling that familiar excitement building up only to go out with a similar sense of disappointment and shame when I got 0/20 right.
A fantastic quiz with excellent teams.

8.30 – rocks!!
10.30-these guys are good!
11.30-how many rounds more?
12.30- how many rounds more?

PMG party
Arya telling me…You dance well for some one who wears specs.
Me thinking…10 points for that observation. Alcohol really blurs vision.

Prerana 2006, the annual management fest of NITIE ends. So does some part of me.


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7 responses to “inspired solutions

  1. anonymous fren..

    November 7, 2006 at 9:38 am

    gr8..i heard this fest thin wnt quiet fyn…congrats to u ppl..

  2. IM-6

    November 8, 2006 at 12:49 am

    Where do i get to know the results for all events ?

  3. Bijay Kumar

    November 9, 2006 at 10:34 am

    Undoubtedly a good post and hopefully it gives a view of toughness of life in management institutions to all its viewers ( Deductive methods of scientific inferences that profoundly effect human though processes warrant closer examination in some cases as underlying assumptions may be fundamentally flawed. The point (suggestion) is/was ‘one should not be pointless by masquerading or being anonymous while making comments upon writer’s originality.’ I assume words sometimes reflect honesty.

  4. Anonymous

    November 12, 2006 at 11:24 am

    I know exactly how you feel, happens to me every twice a year after my shows… 2 months of HARD work, 4 days of light, stage and costumes and then suddenly pphhhhhiiiisssshhh, all over…. I actually get withdrawl symptoms for a few days…

  5. Rohini

    November 14, 2006 at 4:35 am

    Autumn nights, especially those of the full

    moon, are as breathtaking as any sunlit morning. Not

    even noonday brightness can compare to this peace

    and solitude. At moonrise, there is a velvet hour of

    quiet when only the largest stars are visible. The bare

    limbs of the great tsu s ga (oak) etches shadows on the

    ground, a lacy pattern of leafless beauty with clearly

    defined lines. The dark cannot hide the graceful

    beauty of the night, the deep silent slumber that

    commands everything on the move to do it quietly. It

    is rest to the spirit to be a part of the quiet world which

    is a joy forever.

    My heart is filled with joy when I see you here, as the

    brooks fill with water when the snow melts in


    From My Heart

    “I have a feeling that we’ll meet someday where the roads come together ~up
    the way”~

  6. d_grail

    November 18, 2006 at 7:45 am



    i knw!

    if that’s original u shud strt bloggin

  7. Anonymous

    November 18, 2006 at 9:52 pm

    Nice post…rightly in litcom-saumya


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