i wont stop the cheap publicity tactics

26 Sep

Sorry for the prolonged absence.Your sanity may be missing me.
Went through hell last week when had to give up sleep(*silent tear rolling down cheek) and had to would you believe it-study!
Now i have seen rough days, days when i have needed to stay up till 12. But this was NEW. YOU finish collecting the material hours before the exam and then you skim through it the entire night and then feel so sleepy and disoriented in the exam that even 1+1 looks like a complex calculus based question and you end up writing Porter’s five forces in the answer anyway. I know what i wrote wasnt even remotely funny. Happens when you spent your last week trying to balance the ledgers of Mssrs Ravi Kishen & Co and explain their strategies in a monopolistic market using average revenue,marginal revenue,total revenue and superordinate marginal substitutional revenue. (yes i made up the last one).
Slept through the weekend and now am sitting pretty with a temperature, a desktop with no wifi facility->no net, and loads of Prerana work.

Also reading freakonomics and have fallen in love with it.

You may not find me here for a month odd. But just in case you miss me that badly you can find me here.

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One response to “i wont stop the cheap publicity tactics

  1. Rohit

    September 26, 2006 at 10:34 am

    Prerna-nitie sounds pretty much like a new brand of garment. Get well soon, anyway.


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