teen movies, ek post!

15 Aug

A movie review to follow. Watched Chronicles of Riddick (henceforth COR) yesterday. Now I lurved Pitch Black(PB). So was expecting a brilliant sequel while common sense dictated otherwise.No sequel has ever lived upto expectations.COR is good if you haven’t watched the prequel.COR is a Vin Diesal movie. Riddick is the star and unfortunately is the good boy,unlike the vacillating grey character he was in PB. Also PB wasn’t centred on one character, the doomed group of survivors were the centre as well as the night beasties. The power of suggestion which is the most frightening is so effectly used in PB is now replaced by the human looking outlandishly clad Lord Marshal. Not to mention the usual suspects, a scheming woman, a wise old seer, a prophecy, a greedy general. All in all the usual Empire,Foundation type story. But then even Pb didnt have an extraordinary story just some real good direction which COR lacks. Sad…

Doled out 70 odd bucks for auto, 200 bucks for ticket, 45 bucks for this-n-that and watched Kabhie alvida na kehna. Seems KJo has grown up.Can no longer claim he has never been in a relationship. Sometimes a lil too real for comfort and some times stretched to infinity I wish I could strangle SRK’s character. Unfortunately have seen so much of ‘Dev’ in some guys i know that its believeble for such bitterness to exist. Also understand how easily indebtness substitutes for love.But KJo sticks to his definition of dil main ghanti bajne wala pyaar.Sad…….

Family entertainer perhaps no……dunno if KJo can have an image change-over and rise in esteem in my i-luv-different-from-usual-movie eyes. If you can stand SRK being SRK and a lil unexplainable behavior on Rani’s part and the Big B in a ridiculous red blazer i suggset you go for it!

PS:Just got this on our insti IP

Schumi and Raikkonen are in a desert.
Evening comes, they set up their tent.
Both go to sleep.
Schumi wakes up in the middle of the night.
Raikkonen isn’t in the tent.
He can hear something coming from outside the tent.
Schumi peeps out and sees Raikkonen running around the tent like crazy, a big lion after him…
Schumi: Run faster, he’s gonna catch you!

Raikkonen: Don’tworry, I lead by three laps…

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One response to “teen movies, ek post!

  1. PythoRoshan

    August 28, 2006 at 9:02 am

    yours is perhaps the first review I’ve come across in blogs which advocates trying to watch KANK!!
    Everyone else shooed me away from their miserable fate!!


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